Friday, September 06, 2019

Malik Yoba Drops Freestyle Rap Addressing Under Age Trans Rumors

This week actor Malik Yoba  was accused of sleeping with underage trans sex workers after he inexplicably announced his attraction to trans women [click here if you missed that].

Malik drops a freestyle rap addressing the claims...

In a video captioned "The Real S**t! To all the fake news spreading haters I love you still" Malik raps,
"How quickly people love to spread news with no proof of child abuse..."

The freestyle, along with Malik's initial admission of trans attraction, has since been deleted from his social media accounts.

The freestyle is below if you missed it.


Anonymous said...

This whole attraction thing may boost his career.

anonymous said...

^^And that is what he was gunning for all along!

Anonymous said...

When you a TEENAGE street walker 9out 10 most of your
Jhon clients is gonna be Over age Grown men anyway ....Malik was the typical trick that wanted a chicken Hawk experience because they know they can get chickenhawk for bargain basement prices.. nevertheless Malik was wrong by tricking with underage teenage walkers because wrong is wrong even in the Trick and Treat play 4 pay lifestyle....and the reason why I speak upon this story becuz I was once upon a teenage street walker also .....and all of my trickz was older men but I needed money back then not morals...and most trickz knows that.

Monique said...


Anonymous said...

10:28 &11:12 Thank you! Will somebody in Hollywood please call this nigga and offer him a job already?! I'm seeing his next role as a drag queen or a tranny.

Anonymous said...

This arrogant ass hat is crashing & burning. Be gone, no one cares about your preferences and apparently it was no secret among your old Hollywood peers. GTFOH

Anonymous said...

Congratulations this nigga rebranded himself as Big Momma, Madea have jumped off the big screen and come to life.
Guess its his way of letting his kids know their family still needs to eat.

Anonymous said...

Liking Transwomen is NOT GAY.... but it's your beliefs against others.. Transgender women - ARE FEMALES ARE WOMEN... PERIOD.... You belief in Jesus, can't no one tell you different because it's your belief.. all these labels is all MAN MADE and MAN CREATED... Black haters people can't change shit but run they mouth on the net... I'm glad they falling into the trap of having this conversation,, and it won't stop becausr the blogs will always share the stories.. You homophobe and transophobe will stay engaging.. Yes if you ARE NOT respectful of one gender you are transphobe ... Period.. How would you like it if i called you a slave, a monkey, a ape, roaches to your face. a lot of races see black people are NON HUMAN and they see yall as animals, and thats their belief they been believing that for years.. but if they was to say that they would be a racist RIGHT??? Now more black men will become curious about transwomen... HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

3:36 PM
Nobody gives a damn what you call us, but a man that 'likes his "women" with breasts and penises is NOT heterosexual. Trans attracted is just a beard for men that are not straight. And no, black men haven't been checking for Malik Yoba EVER so hold your breath waiting for this to become a trend. Leave that to the NFL & NBA.

Anonymous said...


Let me shut yo dumb ass up. If you were born a man. You a man. I don't care how much surgery you get to look like us women you will never be a woman why?

Have babies.
Have menstural periods not blood fro. Being fucked in the ass.
Women have Vaginas and breast.
Women are feminine.

So unless yo tranny ass can have a baby and bleed for 5 days bitch go sit yo masculine ass down. Just because you and Malik Yoda like Trannys don't mean the rest of us have to. It's our God given right to like and dislike what we want. Go take yo sweet ass over to a gay website and post your lies. (Drops mic)

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Malik please go away.

@ help.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

These motherfuckers be buggin a man that was born a man will be a fuckin man until the day that man dies.
So go ahead put on all the red lipstick, paint your nails and big long toes, tuck your winky in and then sit your dumb ass DOWN! Sir.

Anonymous said...

You all are so hateful. Yes a trans woman is still biologically a man and a trans man is still biologically a woman. But if they wanna be trans, so what? Personally I think trans people have bodily dysmorphia disorder and identity disorders but if switching their genders make them happy, so what. As long as they aren't lying to a partner, let them be. They are still human.

And yes, Malik is gay or bisexual or whatever.

Anonymous said...

5:30pm ain't nobody hateful. You the one hateful if you think everyone in the world should accept trannies. White people hate blacks, do i go around to all whites and demand they love and accept black? No. Vegans hate meat eatters. Do all Vegans go around demanding all meat eatters to stop eating meat? No? But now you got the drama queen trannies who demand we all except them? Hell no?! I prefer dogs over cats. Do i hate all cat lovers? No. Do i try to kill all the kittens? No. I don't throw my beliefs and disbeliefs in the public face and demand they accept me. That's just like blacks trying to get the KKK to like us. It will never happen. To each it's own but don't throw shit up in my face and expect me to accept it. I hate smokers. Do i go around snatching cigarettes from folks and cussing them out. No. I just stay away from them. Period. Trannies need to be around people who love and accept them and move on in life and stop trying to make everyone love and accept them. Because that will never happen.

Anonymous said...


Seek therapy.

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