Thursday, October 31, 2019

Celebrities Do Halloween

All your favorite celebrities dress up for Halloween...

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. Dwight that’s pretty telling.

Anonymous said...

And the winner is: Deon Cole

ms mac said...

Why am I not surprised DWade wanted breasts and a dress?
Ciara's kids are too adorable.
Cardi B is not in wearing a costume.
LeBron looking like the Cowardly Lion covered in soot.
Mr & Mrs Minaj are definetely Jokers.
Deon Cole for the win! That's my dude right there.
Meh to the rest.

NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...

Everybody looked good except for Dwight's ugly undercover ass and Drake's ugly ass daddy and him dressed as his ugly ass daddy. Deon Cole for the win. Cici's children are too adorable as is little Kaavia. Gabby couldn't wait to get her little princess to dress her up like Mommy. Too damn cute.

Alma's Daughter said...

Fuck Dwight and anyone else who thinks his costume is anything less than offensive. Black women—large or small, long nails or short, wigs or bald—are not here to be someone’s damn joke.

And I know this “costume” is based on an Eddie Murphy character (as if I give a damn). Eddie can kiss my ass, too.

Anonymous said...

Deon looks exactly like ShoNuff

Anonymous said...

Is this supposed to be fun and interesting? Don't these people have better things to do? I guess not. Yawn

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

D Howard needs his azz beat.
Nicki's rapist huzzband just looks so out of place. Like she's forcing him to be something he's not for photo ops. He hardly strikes me as a fun loving guy.

Anonymous said...

@9:40 true..he does look uncomfortable all the he's hiding his crazy...

With all the controversy, you'd think Dwight would've picked another costume & pose.

Deon sho'nuff look like Sho"nuff..prolly freaking that man family out since he passed recently..

Anonymous said...

Dwight just connecting with his inner self.

Anonymous said...

Dwight and Gabby's baby is the cutest thing to me. And those looks that gives they're too much. If her eyes were guns, I think we'd all be dead. I do see a slight smile. She is the cutest!!

As far as Dwight Howard, he is a trash ass down low faggit and him and his costume can go straight to hell.. fucking bottom boy or is he a top?

Anonymous said...

8:24 Dwayne and Gabby's baby~~~~~~~my bad

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