Friday, October 11, 2019

Fabolous Approves G Hebro After Baby Mama Meltdown

This week Rapper Fabolous' baby mama Emily B's daughter, Taina, and her boyfriend, rapper G Herbo, went viral over his emotional reaction to a birthday gift from her, prompting an angry outburst by his baby mama, Arianna Fletcher.

After Ari's outburst, which included exposing friends of G Herbo Taina allegedly slept with, Fab gives G his stamp of approval...

It all started when this video was going viral while Ari was spazzing out on Instagram over non related pictures of their son in Taina's presence.

After all that Fab came through with his blessings.


Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Ghetto translation:

Baby mama is mad dude had her son around Taina. She calls her all kinds of bitches and hoez. She says G Hebro agreed not do so. Taina has slept with a few of his homies. G Hebro just got out of drug rehab and Taina gave him drugs. Taina is a slow azz ho. G Hebro has herpes. Taina is gonna end up with a star crunch looking cooch. G Hebro went to a witch to get the herpes removed. He thinks the herpes have been prayed off. The baby mama is mad as hell.
Fabulous thinks ole boy is great for his step daughter. Emily looking dumb as usual standing by his side.

Anonymous said...

Huh? "Fab gives G his stamp of approval."
The stamp of approval from a narcissistic woman beater don't mean a gd thing! Why do we continue to talk about this tragic ninja in any capacity? And who tf is G Herbo?

Anonymous said...

G herbo need to hit the gym he look mad do these ninjas get pucci weighing 130 lbs

anonymous said...

Typical...Chicago nigga shit. Will drop yo ass in a heartbeat for clout (i.e. D. Wade, D. Rose, I. Shumpert, S.Brown..etc, etc)

NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...

R in NYC
Thank you for breaking that shit down for the one's in the back, I also gather the pissed off baby mama is a witch as well, with the I helped you drop cases, and you don't know how witchcraft work for real. He might want to be careful sound like she about to light some Santa Muerte candle on all their asses, and have muthafukkas up in jars covered with goofer dust and iron shavings with rusty nails, lawd!! Fab's goofy ass and his slow looking wife, and her daughter out here with lace pantyhose and draws on, is this the new style? looks like she walking the hoe stroll, she slow and stupid just like her mama.

anonymous said...

@9:41...I swear! Seems this generation love them skinny jean wearing boys!

Malika said...
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Anonymous said...

well...if all you speak is true, herp, drugs etc...what does this child know? this is her learned behavior
and of course a woman beater will sign off on a young guy out here in these streets connected to many different females

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