Saturday, November 02, 2019

Church Catches Heat After Kanye West Charges for Sunday Service

Bethany Church in Baton Rouge, LA forced to explain after Kanye West's "free" Sunday Service requires a $49.99 brunch ticket...

This week Bethany Church announced the Friday 'Sunday Service' concert with the disclaimer "this is NOT a free event" along with a link to Kanye's EventBrite page advertising tickets for $49.99 including brunch.

Later the church was forced to address the growing backlash over a "free" event costing from $50 to $100.


Unknown said...

But,,,,,,,,Never-mind!!!! A concert in the name of the Lord but for profit to donate for the cost of production. Sure!! This creflo nickle bs reeks

Unknown said...

So now he gonna start making money off all this stuff. The old bait and switch. All a ploy to make him rich. When are we gonna open our eyes and see through what this man is doing. Making him and kim richer. America please wake up. Kim and her family along wit Kanye are scam artist at making money and we fall for it.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

I wish I would pay $49.99 to pay to see and hear Koonye and his traveling circus sh*t show.

a late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch.

Somebody please tell those fools the proper use of brunch.
Just call it what it is. A concert/dinner for Koonye.

Anonymous said...

Pay Attention Folks! From day 1, it was and is all about money.

Rainy Dayz said...

Religion is all about the money. This shit ain't real. Wake up!

Anonymous said...

These Black Men are your only choice--->

This is the year 2019, if you want REAL CHANGE--->KEEP GOD'S COMMANDMENTS!!!

The sunday church scene was a creation by the enemy from day one! We were NEVER supposed to be worshipping on Sunday or calling Sunday the Sabbath Day of the Lord

Everyone going to Sunday church, whether it be a mega church or your grandmomma's local church down the street, ARE WASTING YOUR TIME AND YOUR SOUL

Learn How to Keep God's Commandments--->
That is the only way you will be saved from destruction on Judgement Day (a.k.a Punishment Day)!!!

Yall better Wake Up.

Anonymous said...

church catching heat? hell it should catch fire letting that demon in there in the first beginning!

Anonymous said...

Kanye wanna holler about being a slave but he's taking a page out of the slave masters book ain't he? yeah, he's all about the coins, said he got a $68 Million dollar refund? from owing last year to a refund this year...that's why Donnie was elected and why rich white folks won't speak out against him...he's doing his thing...
funny funny Kanye week he gonna be serving the koolaid... #jimjonespart2

*DiscernmentQueen* said...

Like I always say... I'm not buying anything Hellyweird cesspool selling! You would be stupid think blasphemer Conye and his Jezebel wife are for real, in the religious dept. All about making money... Like the rest of the crooked pastors. Wake up!

Anonymous said... add on to what DiscermentQueen said about hellywierd, if you havent already seen that Harriet Tubman movie...



They (the white race) want to keep Black Men as the villian and make themselves the 'savior' of black women


It's time to make a statement and let the white Race know we aint falling for their bullshit anymore!!!

Anonymous said... the movie they put a black man as the bounty hunter to find and kill harriet, then had the nerve to put themselves ( a white dog) as the hero who kills the black man to 'save' Harriet..



It's the same method in sunday church with the worshipping of a 'white jesus'....THAT IS A FALSE DESCRIPTION OF THE BIBLICAL DESCRIPTION OF CHRIST



Anonymous said...

Let this Science project tell it, he got a 68 million tax refund. So ninja support to own production costs, with ya greedy ass. It don't take 100 people to sing a gotdamn song. Take your 50 best singers on ya fraud ass tour and call it a day.

Anonymous said...

You would NEVER see a mosque, synagogue, or Buddhist temple allow this. American Christianity is a FARCE! Just read the bible and use it as spiritual food. Don't give any of these circuses your money unless you KNOW it is to keep the place of worship open!

Anon said...

Lmao! Some folks are demanding a refund, and rightfully so.
From what i've seen of this "brunch"...They would've been better off brunching in prison.

ms mac said...

This church is welcoming Con-ye because he's turned his life over to and "encountered" Christ (as they put it). Yet everywhere this man goes all he does is bring pomp and circumstance to distract and entertain. On top pf that he has the nerve to bring his trash ass wife along who intentionally dresses like a harlot in the "house of the Lord." But these folks continue into his false prophecies, which is nothing more than music disguised as sermon. And this, America, is what some call Christianity.

RKelly used to call himself the Pied Piper for a very good reason. Con-ye is his obvious successor, But instead of kids, he's leading grown ass adults astray and they're following right along like a bunch of brainwashed sheep. Maybe it's something about these Chicago negroes.

Aye said...
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Anonymous said...

When is it l want tickets .

Anonymous said...

I can't comment on this blog unless I'm on my personal laptop. All these ads I have no idea why Snitch wants to discourage comments. My brave browser on my android for some reason or another won't post a comment, So I just lurk and lurk throughout the day. I remember the days when I used to comment heavily.

Anyway, I'm not mad at Kanye as much as I'm mad at the people who continuosly buy his merchandise, music and tickets. He's a bum and completely crazy. The only reason Kum stays with him is so that in the event of his death she can capitalize off of all his masters. Kum DOESN'T want him in anyway I firmly believe that. But she's staying the course and having all these children naming them after his random thoughts to further him into believing that she is his ride or die and also because she can't get JZ. Kanye is a mentally ill millionaire with lots of urban influence and wealth she's just with him for how it makes her look like the catering and devoted white woman to a black man. I think her sons will all end up gay and her daughters whores. I wish Kanye would disappear because he's a fraud and mentally diseased. All Kum ever wanted was the clout, bi-racial kids and Kanye's assets. He's not even attractive with his big jowls and very long arms. Mental disease is hereditary and I have no idea why she would subject her kids to that if not only for money and fame.

Kanye is not WOKE, religion is bullshit so delving into that genre is the opposite of being woke, he's just forming a cult. He really thinks he can be President so he's just trying to exploit the religious faction just like Trump does. Everything him or his wife does is for attention. Both narcissists and extremely dehydrated.

I am black and a registered independent like many of my black friends. He uses generalities and created fake facts. I agree with many republican ideas however republican figure heads are often divisive and racist. I pray someday in the near future Kanye is completely cancelled.

Anonymous said...

@11:03 Have you tried to download a mobile adblocker?

Anonymous said...

All who paid deserve to get robbed by this false prophet

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