Thursday, November 21, 2019

Diddy Objects to Comcast Using Revolt in Case Against Byron Allen

Sean Diddy Combs makes a statement regarding Byron Allen's upcoming Supreme court case against Comcast...

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My name and my network, REVOLT, have been mentioned recently by Comcast in reference to the Comcast/Byron Allen US Supreme Court case as an example of Comcast’s inclusive practices with respect to African American owned cable networks. While it is true that we are in business with Comcast, it is not accurate to use my name or my network as an example of inclusion. I do not want my name to be used inaccurately so I must speak my truth. I also want to make clear that this case is now about much more than cable distribution. It’s about the civil rights of millions of African Americans and other minorities.⁣⁣ ⁣ First, it’s important that people really understand what’s at stake. In its efforts to get the lawsuit filed by Byron Allen dismissed, Comcast has taken a legal approach that could weaken fundamental civil rights protections. I have a problem with this. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 section 1981 was designed to ensure Black people are able to do business in this country and not be denied because of race. Comcast is arguing that this law only applies if racial discrimination is the only factor that leads to a refusal to do business, which would be extremely hard to prove. If they are successful, it will become much harder for any victim of discrimination to seek justice in court. By taking this stance in the Supreme Court, Comcast has put its legal tactics ahead of the rights of millions of Americans to be heard. This is not OK.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Full statement on REVOLT.TV
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ms mac said...

Diddy didn't write this. He's not that articulate and he's pretty much reiterated Byron Allens' words verbatim.
Furthermore, he is full of shit. With all his money, connections and resources, he could have launched the Revolt network without Comcast. Him and all these other so-called million-billion dollar ballers out there could've been come together as a collective to create a Black-owned cable conglomerate, thereby controlling the content and distribution for US. Not saying it's easy but it's doable.

In fact, he could've collaborated with Byron who was slowing building his own media empire in the background, hence him buying the Weather Channel. I'm sure there was room at the table. But instead Diddy chose to peddle Ciroc and a whole bunch of other shit Black folks don't need.

He's only pandering now because this is gaining steam in the national headlines. This fight isn't new but his ass was quiet as a church mouse until now. I wonder why???? Where was all the bandwagon jumping when Byron won TWO cases in the 9th Circuit against Comcast before they appealed it to Supreme Court? Was it not important for Diddy to speak up against Comcast then? Has Diddy done anything to help in this fight against the machine or is he just using this post as yet another PR opportunity to show Black folks how "woke" he is?

I swear these celebs count on Black folks staying blind, dumb and foolish. But Diddy can kick a fucking rock and break all his toes. I see right through him and all these other cellophane Negroids.

Urban Rosebud said...

Remember ms.mac, Irv tried to set up a black music collective to unify black dollars within that industry & one of their own sold them out to massa.

A short time later, Irv & crew were arrested & indicted.

The NFL has now been infiltrated as well. So, Uncle Toms tear all the good shit down- that could benefit the collective - for 20 pieces of silver. Unless we embark on some serious spiritual & ancestral healing, individually as well as collectively, we will not live to see true equality in our lifetimes. Puff is bought & sold. Bootie all up in the air for the white man.

Anonymous said...

Hey Snitch it's Byron not Bryon.

Anonymous said...

According to Judge Joe Brown, Bryon is backed by CBS. Bryon doesn't have the cash everyone think he has to buy these media companies. He also says, that bryon wants to have long time black shows, Good Times, Jefferson's and not pay any residuals.

Anonymous said...

We don't believe you Diddy and pay Kirk Burrowes his money

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