Friday, November 15, 2019

Future Dodging Child Support Case

Last month rapper Future's alleged 8th baby mama Cindy Renay Parker filed a paternity suit against him demanding he take a DNA test and pay child support for her son [click here if you missed that].

Cindy has NOT been successful...

According to reports Cindy has filed legal docs claiming her process servers have been unable to locate Future putting her paternity suit in limbo.

Cindy is requesting the judge allow her to serve Future an alternative way.

The ruling is pending.


Anonymous said...

But yet he chasing and bad mouthing Ciara and her son who clearly don't need his ass.

This why we have to start making these niggas pay before they play (marriage or contract).

ms mac said...

She may need to try harder, like hire a Private Investigator or something. It'll be money well spent. This dude gotta make bread somehow so she needs to stalk all the recording studios he's ever been to, track his boys or whoever he hangs with and get somebody to sit outside Joie Chavis' house (or however you spell her name) since she's the preferred baby mama at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Damn! The fact one has to scheme to that level to make a male -a black male at that- own up to recognizing his own seed is some crazy ass shit.

Can the law rule in favor of mandatory vasectomies for this ninja once they get him to show up? Or force him to donate his member to science for further research into ways of mitigating insane baby-making fuckery. Future is embarrassing & the best thing for these brain dead thots to do is first "get some sense" & leave this dirty dick nig in the dust on their way to a better life of their own making. He is a yuck bucket. I wonder what his momma was like...a straight hyena. Had to be. Look at him. Dad an obvious non-factor & atrocious bad example. Tsk tsk Future & Co. Did you ever even have a fighting chance????

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