Saturday, November 02, 2019

Lil Yachty Sued Over Unpaid Jewelry

It's a tale as old as time. Hot rapper spends a ton on pricey baubles, his careers cools down and now he's being chased by jewelers...
According to reports self proclaimed Bubblegum Trap rapper Lil Yachty is being sued by Guven's Fine jewelry for over $200,000 in unpaid merchandise.

Apparently they had an arrangement where they would send Yachty jewelry and he paid for what he wanted and sent back what he didn't, until he stopped paying.

Gunven claims Yachty paid off more than half of the $600,000 he owed for twenty pieces, but still owes $233,000 and the last check he sent for $70,000 bounced.

The jeweler claims Yachty texted them,
“..Bro if I had it I would give it to you. I’m not gone hold u out if I had it just to give. I have had many bills to pay. Taxes, debt, etc…All that money went instantly. The teeth I just got I traded jewelry for...”

Fun Fact: Lil Yachty co-wrote the City Girls summer anthem "Act Up."


Anonymous said...

Who is advising these one hit wonders? If you don't have residual cash flow, then you should constantly monitor how you spend your money. It doesn't just drop out of the sky and you can't bet on the projects to just keep coming one after another. That's why when people get large sums of money, they consider investments that will generate returns of greater value. Diamond grills is not an investment! Blinged out chains is not an investment! Bullshit overpriced luxury cars is not an investment! Shitty ass business ideas with merely projections and no actuals is not an investment. If you have at least one brain cell left in your head do not look at these celebrities and think they have it going on because they don't.

These star's shine fades and then they end up sleeping on their mother's couch hiding out because they're afraid people will recognize them working at Trader Joe's. It's a job but their fragile egos can't handle the fall from grace.

NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...

12:44 PM
You said everything that needs to be said. Nothing left to add.

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