Saturday, November 23, 2019

Ray J Shares Video Searching For His Family

Princess Love and Ray J continue to air their dirty laundry on Instagram after Princess accused Ray of leaving her and their daughter Melody stranded in Las Vegas....

On Instagram Live Ray J continued to insist he never left Las Vegas and that he knew exactly where his wife was staying while begging her to keep their business offline.

Princess responded telling Ray to practice what he preaches and letting him know they had to check out of the hotel he thought they were in.

After that Ray J shared video literally searching the streets of Las Vegas for his wife and child.


Oregonsistah said...

She is 8 months pregnant and hormonal..

Anonymous said...

Princess is an idiot so yeah there's that and Ray J was just cheating with his side piece when he "lost" family.

NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...

The attention whoring thirst is real out in these social media streets.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

I think his wife needs to find some friends and some hobbies. This whole situation is just unnecessary.
And she really needs to understand what "stranded" means. Stranded is not posted up in a luxury hotel room while your husband works.
Stranded is sitting at the Greyhound station with no ticket to anywhere with $5 in your pocket.
Ray J needs to stop smoking all that weed and go deal with his wife.

Anonymous said...

Tasha K. exposed this nicca and interviewed Princess yesterday. Those call girls snitched on his dumb ass. That fool stayed up 3 days straight on a coke binge bangin escorts. Dirty d*ck nicca!

lady said...


Anonymous said...

This isn't for a reality show storyline. This is real life marriage to a drug addicted womanizing narcissist. Princess needs to be careful because Ray J will bring back an unreturnable gift. While pregnant she really needs to avoid all sexual contact with him.

This is REALity tv but not for a show. RJ is a horrible spoiled man-child. Princess run.��‍♀️

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