Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Game's Brother Fires Back After Diss Track

Rapper Game's older brother, Big Fase, fires back after Game disses him on his new album 'Born to Rap...'

On the track 'Hug the Block' Game spends a solid 4 minutes and 47 seconds spitting venom on his older brother claiming he's literally been hating on him since he was in his crib.

Game's brother just issued this scathing response

To use a nigga up and leave him stuck in the streets for 14 years is one thing.. But to hold all this invalid hate and disdain for a nigga is beyond my comprehension. I haven't heard the bullshit but enough of it has been translated for me to understand that the hater is in your mirror. In 2005, I left after months of feeling underappreciated and not needed... and got confirmation of that when the reposessions began instead of what I hoped would be a just a misunderstanding repaired by a brotherly talk to get things straight. My love for hip hop birthed yours and if my short lived push as an artist was to only spawn your career and make a way to success then that must have been the creators plan. Never once have I said.. "That should be me". I was very accepting of my role in the movement. But room to grow and being trusted to make a move or even have an opinion were things that I assumed were part of it. I walked away from what I helped to build with nothing. Before I could become a "NIKE" ( just do it nigga), I'll just go back to the turf and be the nigga I always been. I kept pushin and tried to make the best of it (Brazil Street Records/One Hunned Entertainment) and every path to the bag was in one way or another blocked by you. I spent too much time trying to make it make sense. It never will. Color me bad.. But u can't color me a hater nigga..
A post shared by nameless.. just a Fase. (@bigfase100) on

A post shared by nameless.. just a Fase. (@bigfase100) on


Anonymous said...

The Game seems like a total bitch/ creep. I stopped liking him after he was caught hollering at 16 year olds.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't this guy been exposed yet? I mean they've pretty much crucified Robert and Bill, but this basset hound face creep gets to knock up a little girl under 15, pay her off and people still f**k with him.

Anonymous said...

Can you please ask one of those chicken eaten pregnant women to clean up around here

Anonymous said...

Okay so I’m feeling RWS gone also do a post in a few days about Cryrese and bow wow. It never fails anytime bell pepper nose the game is on RWS it’s always some bitch shit nigga been played out since “used jeans” remember them?? I can’t find them on line but back in the day everyone wore them with a pair of Lotto shoes!!!! The Game tributes Nipsey everyday who is man but won’t tribute Jesus. Done.

Anonymous said...

The Game looks diseased, it's as if he gets zero sleep, does a ton of drugs and has an infection all over his body. His mouth is always opened, his teeth are crooked AF and unhealthy looking. He should probably focus more on himself more and less on others. He and Wack seem desperate because they clutch onto any and everyone to maintain even a tiny sense of relevance. They're both super annoying. I agree with his brother because when his father died, everyone thought it was odd how he was pretending to grieve but outed his father as a child molester. None of it makes sense.

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