Saturday, December 07, 2019

Kevin McCall Confused About Indictment

Earlier this week The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Eva Sterling's baby daddy Kevin McCall was indicted on assault charges after getting into a fist fight with sheriffs deputies at the Fulton County Court House where he was scheduled for a child custody hearing with Eva [click here if you missed that].

Kevin has no idea what is going on...

On the day the news broke Kevin Tweeted, "What indicted mean? I'm lost. Asf."

Anybody wanna help Kev out here?


Anonymous said...

MF can type that in IG but can't type that in Google? No, I wont help this idiot out, I'll let the courts or his lawyer inform him.

mil262 said...

Is he really that slow or is he pretending so people will pay attention to him????

Anonymous said...

This sick mothafucka is playing games! He knows exactly what indicted means and he could have called up his many attorneys to find out if he didn't know. I hope the public won't play into his bullshit because he's a sociopath and will try anything to manipulate people into sympathizing with his.

NotTheOne said...

Means his ass could possibly do jail time.

ms mac said...

He a lie. He's just setting the stage for a temporary insanity or mental breakdown defense or some lame shit like that. Nigga knew how to go begging on IG for a church date and how to live stream a date from hell but can't look up the word indictment? Ok. Sure.

LVBoogie73 said...


LVBoogie73 said...

Awww...see shit getting real now. Nigga u know exactly what the term mean..he playing..playing his damn self!

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Yeah ok, let me help his dumb azz out. I'm not even going to entertain him not knowing what indicted means.

1. Stop being an asshole.
2. Go see a psychiatrist and get a script.
3. Take perscribed medicine.
4. Go to anger management classes.
5. Prove you are stable and not a danger to yourself and others.
6. Find work and pay your child support.
7. Make amends for all the hurt and pain you have caused.
8. Apologize to your mother and former girlfriends you have mentally, verbally and physically abused.
Then and only then should you even consider
9. Supervised visits with your children.

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