Thursday, December 12, 2019

Surviving R. Kelly Part II First Look

Back in July Lifetime announced they were producing a follow-up to their explosive R. Kelly biopic 'Surviving R. Kelly [click here if you missed that].'

The new trailer is here...


Rainy Dayz said...

I laugh every time i see that dark chick above. She was over 30 when she signed up for 12 play prison. Talking about she tapped her foot for hours but he didn't respond biiiiiiiitch I canna with her. I feel differently for the younger ones. Andrea is in it for the come up. She knew all about the man she married she only grew to not like him or her situation. And of he had still been paying her I'm sure we wouldn't be hearing from her now.

iketernr said...

This brother is going away a long time.

Anonymous said...

Typical Nothing Black Hoe Ready To Dismiss / Deflect From VICTIMS .

Craig Mack Was A Grown Ass Man & Was Brainwashed Into A Cult. The Manson Slaves Were Legal Adults Too.

Monsters Get INSIDE Your Head BEFORE They Go UPSIDE Your Head - But In Your SMALL Uneducated & Misinformed Mind It Is Easier To Blame The Prey.

If ONLY Women Took UP For Other Girls & Women - D.L Hughley.

Seriously When Does The Competition END ?!

Black Hoes Will Leave Each Other Folded Up In A Freezer. Lol

LVBoogie73 said...

I don't know about this

LVBoogie73 said...

These girls have gotten on my last nerve. The only reason anyone is saying anything is because there's no money for them to spend now. They need to get up off they asses and go to work. I cant say I feel sorry for any of them because they stayed and dealt with it. That was their choice. These heffas wait until they asses are old and dried up and now they want some pity. I cant help you with that.

Anonymous said...

I'm so over this ish real talk. Drea is a piece of crap who I can't wait until to see her get her comeuppance. I was so anti-Robert but now I'm starting to look at this as a bunch of females who got mad at themselves for letting a MF do lewd S&M ish to them. Robert is going to be who the heck he is, they chose to stay with this dirty Bastard.

Anonymous said...

The Operative Word Is GIRLS

You Niggas Listened & Idly Stood By For Over A Quarter Of A Century - Yet These Victims On Your Nerve After 2 Episodes.

Tragic Negros STILL Are Mentally Shackled Via Slavery YET - These Victims Are Supposed To Walk Away W 6ft + Armed Bodyguards Posted at The Door & In The Parking Lot.

Continue To Rot. You Hoes Is Just As Dirty As That Monster.

Last Place 2nd Class Ass BIG MAD That VICTIMS Are Speaking OUT.

But Will Continue To 'Step In The Name Of' PISSS LOL

4Real said...

Why they need another doc we know R Kelly is a sicko

Anonymous said...


Black hoes? Really? Go back to eating that sour bologna snatch on your white girlfriend. I bet you suck her inbred daddy's dick too!

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