Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Antonio Brown Curses Out Baby Mama In Front of their Kids

Troubled former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown calls the police on his baby mama, curses her out in front of their kids, calls her names, and throws a bag of candy dicks at her...

The incident went down in front of AB's crib when his baby mama, Chelsie Kryiss came by to get the kids to take them to school. Apparently Chelsie tried to take one of the Bentlelys she used to drive and all hell broke loose.

AB called the cops, called Chelsie ugly and repeatedly referred to her as 'fish.'

At one point one of his sons says, "I love you daddy," as he is lead away to the back seat of a police car. AB also cursed out the police and threw a bag of gelatin penises at Chelsie.