Saturday, January 11, 2020

Azriel Clary Asks for Prayers for Joycelyn Savage

This week R. Kelly's former girlfriend, Azriel Clary, pressed charges against her sister-wife, Joycelyn Savage, after accusing Joycelyn of attacking her in a messy dispute that was live streamed on Instagram  [click here if you missed that].

Now Azriel is asking for understanding and prayers...

In a series of Tweets Azriel appears to have come to a realization about R. Kelly and is asking for prayers to help Joycelyn see the light.


Anonymous said...

Nobody is crucifying you and we've all been young and did dumb shit. But in the meantime, go the fuck away.

And sorry, ya'll can come for me if you want and that's cool. I'm not going back and forth. But as I half ass viewed those bogus ass documentaries; especially the last half of the 2000's/last half of the decade ...circa 2010 and upward I dont feel sorry for those people. They know Kelly was on some predator/pervert bullshit and they just wanted money. It's 2020 and I just hope we can get justice for the real victims. But these two tricks right here tho?? Get the entire fuck outta here...we are tired of you!!!!
Enuff already...

Anonymous said...

Go Away Azriel.. check yourself in an institution at this current moment you're a slave to money that has run out. Everybody can see that, Go Away!!!

Anonymous said...

This little heifer is not likable at all. She's annoying af and I have no pity for her at all.

Anonymous said...

Ain't NO 'We'

What I Am Sick Of Is Miseducated & Misinformed NNiggas W Misplaced Feelings.

How Thee F Are They NOT 'REAL VICTIMS' When Their 'Boyfriend' Is At Least 25 Years Older Than Them & Pissing On Children Before They Were Born ?!

Enuff Of You Weak Ass Links In The Black Community. Trash Ass / Slave Ways Is The Very Reason Every Decent Black Person Suffers.

Anyone Grown Person Who Sleeps W Children / Someone Who Could Be Their Child Is A Perverted Predator On Some 'Color Purple' SHIT.

Niggas Ain't Progressed An Iota SINCE.

If We Do NOT Stand Up / For / W Our Black Girls & Women. Don't Be Surprised Of An Entire Compassionateless Generation Who Will Make Babies & Hate The Ladies.


No!!!!!! said...

black people just have a lower empathy for other black people. the stuff that comes out our mouth and the way we feel white folks dont have that for predators.

im not saying they have always been this way but white men would rather not speak on the jeffery epstein, harvey weinstein, the dr who touched the gymnasts.. when i think of me too i think of them before i think of r kelly or bill cosby or russell simmons.

theres no respect for black victims tho. even i laugh at azriel and joycelyn but u dont see white people laughing at none of these victims .. like those gymnasts when to that doctor how many times ?? no one would call them any names for allowing that abuse to go on for so long

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