Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Rob Kardashian Seeking Primary Custody of Dream

Last year Rob Kardashian shut down rumors that he was planning to fight for full custody of the daughter he shares with former stripper Blac Chyna [click here if you missed that].

Rob must have had a change of heart...

...Because news just broke that Rob filed for full custody of Dream while painting Chyna as an unfit mother.

Fron TMZ
According to the docs ... Chyna regularly parties hard in her house with Dream present and invites strangers over to join her. Rob says she's drunk all the time, and a former employee of Chyna's alleges she spends $600 on alcohol almost daily and can down an entire bottle of Hennessy.
Chyna's accused of snorting cocaine and making violent threats to people in her home ... and getting physical by throwing objects, including knives and lit candles. One alleged incident involved Chyna hurling sharp objects at her hairdresser.
Rob claims Dream's behavior has changed for the worse -- along with her personal hygiene -- due to Chyna's parenting. He says Dream's started "naked twerking, and acting out sexual positions that she said her mom taught her." He says his daughter arrives to him with messy hair, dirty teeth and dirty nails.
Rob also claims Chyna's influence has resulted in Dream developing a potty mouth ... including saying "bitch" and "What the f**k?" Rob says these are not terms she hears at his home.


Tippie Hippie said...

Wow I pray Chyna gets some help if this is true!

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Chyna been a bad mother so why wait to get the kid away from her? They should have done it expeditiously. No telling how many of her fuckbois and one night stands could have touched that poor child while Chyna was high or drunk off her azz.
Chyna ain't shit and any mother that would teach her baby daughter to twerk and do sexual positions needs her parental rights terminated immediately!
Filthy bitch ain't nothing but a semi-paid escort ho. I bet her pussy smells like the dumpster behind Long John silvers.

Anonymous said...

There are three sides to a story, his, hers and the true.

Anonymous said...

I can see her twerking or teaching the baby to twerk when she start doing what she see mom do. She didn't teach her sexual positions though but getting on all 4's twerking looks like doggy style so I get it.
I wonder how her little boy will grow to be. Sadly I see how the little girl will grow to be. Its in her blood both ways. Do anything for clout and money.

Anonymous said...

Chyna hasn't changed since the day he laid eyes on her but he went ahead and put a baby in her regardless. Now he got a toddler running around acting like a whole thot. Gtfoh Rob the slob.

Anonymous said...

Good for the baby

Anonymous said...

Rob the slob. Hilarious 1:02 PM

Anonymous said...

Yeah Rob got his lonely ass taken advantage of but it is what it is. No doubt him and his family would do a better job stabilizing his daughter. Chyna is broken with not a lot of hope and probably still kicking herself for not being able to take down Rob and his whole family just cuz her baby daddy left her for one of them. Shit just don't seem like it will end well for Chyna.

No!!!!!! said...

his sisters are HOES
blac chyna and amber rose are WHORES

see the difference!! shouldnt have put a baby in her dummy tf u think gonna happen!!

i bet he has the baby most of the time and hes trying to fu her bag

Anonymous said...

I don't believe all of this because what I do believe is the baby was probably in the room when China was with some other guy and she went home and told Rob.

Anonymous said...

With the exception of Kim dressing North all those skimpy dresses and neck chokers all their kids seem well mannered and happy. They don't seem to get their shits in around them. Chyna on the other hand with strange fuck bois coming thru on a regular and her being high and violent. Gotta go with Team Rob.
So question Tyga don't have the same concerns for his son or will he just go down as forever afraid of this crackhead.

Tia said...

Both of these folks are damaged and broken. Hurt folks hurt other hurt people. Hope all ends well.

Anonymous said...

Snitch post the fight of R. Kelly's girlfriends. It's going down.

Anonymous said...

@2:31 I think something like that too. Wasn't he just singing her praises about how good of a mother she is? And tyga never says anything bad about her mothering skills. The girl has issues, no doubt, but people can still live reckless outside the home and then pull it together for the kids, I've seen it happen.

@12:06 It would take one filthy bitch to guess another. Why am I not surprised you know what nasty pussy smells like? I would never have a clue.
And I don't even want to guess what you were doing in a dumpster behind Long john silver, seems like you just retired from being a semi-paid semi pro yourself, and now you found jesus and think you know everybody and every thing. Tuh!

Anonymous said...

Actually he’s white so she’s white. That is his seed.

Anonymous said...

Khloe dropped a vial of cocaine on KUWTK show.You might miss Khloe twerking at all the family events, because as soon as she starts, they move the camera so it could be from the finger pointer that Dream sees twerking as well.
Kim is on film getting high with Ray J & has posted pics of herself high laying in bed. All the K-J women have been photos nude and revealed to the whole world so their scruples are limited to the next click for attention. Kourtney's daughter look like a boy & she clocked the nanny. Kourtney's sons look & act like girls. Kim's kids are dressed in shades of depression everyday.

Somebody stole my Rob the Slob but it's cool. Rob is a recluse who's depressed so will Dream sit in the house everyday depressed too?

Chyna is always posting videos of the kids and her playing, riding bikes, going on trips etc. We see Dream out with the K-Js during Robs visits.

Anonymous said...

China been doing shit like that this is nothing new she was a stripper and raised by a slut and trained to be a trick and your surprised? Gtfo stop it she was doing any and everything to grab the bag she been a Sleazy trash ass broad raised by a professional Sleazy trick what exactly did u expect? She been gutter trash

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