Thursday, February 27, 2020

Jason Mitchell Sued Over Defaulted Loan

Last year actor Jason Mitchell was fired from the hit Showtime series The Chi and essentially blacklisted from Hollywood after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment [click here if you missed that].

Now it looks like Jason is hitting the skids....

According to reports Jason Mitchell is currently being sued by Comerica Bank for defaulting on a $60,000.00 loan.

Comerica loaned Jason and his 'Black Unicorn' company $60,000 in December 2016 but he stopped making payments in June 2019 one month after he was fired from The Chi.

Comerica is seeking $70,674.16 plus attorney fees.


Anonymous said...

What kinda loan shaking shit is that?
He borrows $60 000, makes payments for TWO AND A HALF years and now they still want over $70 000???
Somethings not right.

lala11_7 said...

8:48: Actually it sounds about right...When you're getting a large credit loan based on the fact that you don't really have any assets or a stellar credit history...that means his interest rates was OFF THE CHAIN...basically in payday loan category....It's expensive to be broke

Anonymous said...

@9:36 AM

Pretty much!!

Anonymous said...

9:36 Totally agree, its expensive to be broke and there is always money to be in poverty.

Anonymous said...

Late fees alone are a killer.

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