Monday, February 24, 2020

Jussie Smollett Due in Court Today

Earlier this month Empire star Jussie Smollett was indicted on six felony counts of disorderly conduct in Chicago after a special prosector re-opened the case of his alleged hate crime hoax [click here if you missed that].

Jussie's court case kicks off today...
According to reports Jussie is scheduled to appear in court today for his first hearing in the case.

Jussie was initially indicted on 16 counts after being accused of lying to police about being attacked by homophobic Donald Trump supporters but the charges were dropped by Cook County prosecutor Kim Fox [click here if you missed that].

Nigerian brothers Abel and Ola Osundario, who allegedly helped Jussie stage the hoax, have agreed to testify against him.


Rainy Dayz said...

In today's case of when black people do something white people have always done and continue to do but its so much worse when a black person does it:

NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...

Snitch you wrong for this picture Lol.

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