Friday, February 21, 2020

Kevin Hart Wants Sextape Lawsuit Tossed

Last year Kevin Hart was sued by the participant in the infamous sex tape that nearly ended his marriage after she accused him of intentional infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy [click here if you missed that].

Kevin wants the case tossed out....

According to reports Kevin Hart claims the process server drove up to his gate and simply tossed the papers out of his car window in view of the guard shack. The guard, who does not live at the residence, told the server he was not authorized to accept legal documents.

Kevin argues he was not properly served and wants the case dismissed.

The ruling is pending.


BahamaJackson said...

Where is the video proof of this, sir?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this needs to be publically viewed so that the court of public opinion can decide what direction this all goes.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, how is there a lawsuit when no video was ever publicly released? Is it really revenge porn if no one ever saw it?

Anonymous said...

Just toss out Kevin Hart. So over him, he should be charged for that car crash and cancelled for leaving those people to die.

Anonymous said...

Hated it.

Men on films.

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