Saturday, February 15, 2020

R. Kelly Facing New Rape Charges

R&B singer / songwriter R. Kelly facing new charges of raping a minor in Chicago...

From 5 Chicago
Federal prosecutors on Friday made public new charges against R&B singer R. Kelly, alleging that he sexually abused a minor victim for four years, starting in 1997.
The superseding indictment describes the girl as “Minor 6,” who was approximately 14 or 15 years old at the time.
The new charges also detail Kelly’s businesses, Bass Productions, LTD and his co-defendants Derrel McDavid and Milton Brown as orchestrating payments in one case of $200,000 to individuals for their efforts to return to Kelly videotapes that they knew depicted Kelly engaged in sexual acts with minors.
The new filing also asks for the forfeiture of all of Kelly’s financial interests in Bass Productions. Kelly’s next scheduled hearing is March 5.
The singer is scheduled to stand trial in federal court in April in Chicago and again in federal court in Brooklyn in May. He is also set for a Cook County trial in September.


Anonymous said...

And it don’t stop.

They Call Me Cocoa said...

Label him a pedophile, forfeit his assets and lock him down. Done.

Rainy Dayz said...

Every time I hear about him I think of that video he was talking shit saying "If they were gonna do anything they should have did it 30 years ago" boasting. He just knew he got away with it and he technically did. He kept doing that shit and they got his ass. Which is long overdue. I just hope the ladies can heal from the trauma and have a happy life.

Anonymous said...

Y'all do know he also had sex with little boys, right?

Why haven't any of these boys come out? Bishop Eddie Longs victims, Afrikan Bambata victims, and Corey Feldman have already created an opportunity for more underaged male rape victims to come out.

Anonymous said...

good for him.

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