Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Snoop Dogg Explains Intention of Gayle King Rant

Earlier this month rapper Snoop Dogg was forced to apologize to Gayle King after blasting her over insensitive questions about Kobe Bryant's 2003 rape accusation in an interview with Lisa Leslie following Kobe's death [click here if you missed that].

Snoop explains his intention on Jada Pinkett-Smith's Red Table Talk...
In a clip from the upcoming interview Snoop insists,
"I wanted to make sure what I said was said the right way and I wanted to make sure that the message came across that we love Kobe and be respectful of Vanessa and those kids. That's what the whole intent was. To protect that women and them babies over there, because she's still grieving. And let's give them that respect."


R in NYC said...

No explanation or backtracking was needed.
The powers that be must have pulled Snoop to the side and reminded him of all they have bestowed upon him.
F**k Gayle and her bad wigs.

BLACK said...

Dammit Snoop! Next time if you not gon stand on it! Then don't speak on it!STFU! Needless to say i'm disappointed with this BULLSHIT!

Unknown said...

Snoop hush! You threatened that woman so stand by it. Don’t apologize now. I bet money you’d never threaten Martha Stewart like that tho. You know not to talk that hood gangsta shit to them white folks

Anonymous said...

His Intented To Silence Gayle Via Threat. Typical Sex Offensive Ass Nigga..

He Did Not Threaten Charles Barkley Or Susan Wright Did He?

W His Cross Dressing Son ..

F Snoop Kitten

Anonymous said...

He is not making money on new music any more. Also he is band from entering some country's. So he cant money performing.

I have seen him in at least 3 new commercials. Sponsors will not allow him to threaten anyone and represent their product. Back tracking saves the bag ppl.

Anonymous said...

Do you Snoop.

Royal said...

Tupac wouldn't apologize.

No!!!!!! said...
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No!!!!!! said...

black feminists yall are wrong on this ... just like the hotep negroes are wrong with bill cosby...

the follow up question gayle said after lisas response was flat out wrong. snoop responded spicy but the reaction was because of gayles action PERIOD.
snoop is still a sellout but kobe wasnt in the ground yet and he was not convicted. black men have been unfairly painted as criminals in america
gayle and oprah have respect for harvey weinstein legacy but not kobes. i dont get why people dont see what gayle did wrong

Anonymous said...

Kobe Raping His Victim Was FLAT OUT WRONG AF .

Get Real. Their Were Bruises On His Victim Neck & His DNA Under Her Nails & A Settlement.

His Reaction To His Aggressiveness & Forced Sodomizing Her.

Oh & That Time Kobe Said He Ain’t Going To Bat Just Cuz A Nigga African American (Paraphrased) - His Response On Trayvon.

I Will Extend Him THAT Exact Courtesy .

It Is Always A Wrong Time To Rape & Not Ever A Wrong Time To Blast A Rapist.


#YouCanGetBuyNOTAway #KobeIsARapist

Anonymous said...

Poor looking snoopy. Well ain’t he.

No!!!!!! said...

you are obviously a triggered rape victim. im sorry that happened to you. you are one minute caping for a white girl and acting pro black as if this woman didnt have multiple semen in her and incapable of a rough sex encounter with a superstar.
washington post and new york times writers got fired for what they said about those rape allegations gayle shouldnt be treated differently.
not gonna sit here and find problematic quotes from gayle. she shouldnt have pressed lisa leslie
sorry about what happened to you. no shade really

Anonymous said...

@1:55 You sound like the type of jigaboo Kobe wouldn't have looked twice at! The majority of you butta faces that are screaming this "rape" mess, when you know dam well he didn't rape that trash hag are just mad that he reminds you of the wet assez y'all were left with by a Casanova that hit it and quit it!

Anonymous said...

Only Fool Triggered Is YOU - By The Truth.

Fool YOU Just Sorry .

Ain’t About Black Or White - It Is About Men In Postion Misusing Their Power By Raping & Abusing Women.

Matters Not If She Had A Million Nuts In Her- Which Is A LIE. The Point Is She Had Kobe’s Handprints On Her Neck & His Skin Under Her Nails.

F All THAT - Get Out Your Feelings & Ask Yourself??
WHAT Innocent Person Settles? Lol What Innocent Person Says & I Quote : I See Why She Would Call It Rape?? That Is His Definition Of A ROUGH ENCOUNTER.

I Swear YOU NIGGAS Need Better Hero.

All Y’all Do Is Deflect / Defend & Dismiss Dysfunctions B/c THAT Is How BAD You Niggas Need To Feel Good Lol

Don’t Project Your Victimization Over Here.

You Don’t Here Me Defending These Sex Offenders.

Deal W Your Own Trauma & Take The Stardust Out Your Eyes ..

&2:31 The Projection Is Real - You Sound Like You Hit Yo Head Gard Falling Out Tjat Clown Car Yo Moma Call A Pussy.

Tell That Old Hoe She Was SPIT - NOT Shit.

Make Sure That Hoe Douche That Mouth Between Tricks ..

Anonymous said...

No one knows if Kobe raped that slut. He seemed to be one that never was able to pick up on social cues. Always very awkward. Even at the top of his game he was never the nigga that chicks was eyeing. Just something very off-putting about him.
He shouldn't be branded a rapist because he was never convicted. It was one indiscretion and it never happened again (the rape part). His words were that it was just a miscommunication, and if we believe hoe ass Becky then we have to believe him too.

No!!!!!! said...

michael jackson was innocent and settled.

again im sorry someone hurt you. yesterday you were attacking vanessa being mexican and now its men abusing women.
personally i think r kelly and bill cosby are sexual predators. im glad they are where they are. kobe was a champion for women.
we could flip it on u and ask what rape victim would take a check.

again im sorry you are triggered by rape talk i hope you get the counseling and support u deserve

Anonymous said...

Hoe If You Think Micheal Jackson Was Innocent ?!

That Means He Groomed Yo Really Silly Ass Too. That Nigga Don’t Even Pass The EYE Test Lol

No Man Is Innocent .

Nigga Got Children Sitting On His Dick In Front Of GOD & EVERYBODY & As Soon As That Child Described Micheal’s Private’s- Micheal Cut A 25 Million Dollar Check.

You Want Me To Be A Rape Victim Sooooo Bad Lol

& You Still Do . I Aint Her NOR Is This About Me.

It Is About Kobe Self Hating Ass Raping A White Girl & His Cross Dressing Fan Defending Threating A Senior Citizen.

Find Another Obsession Or Stay Focused O/T

By Sorry Ass Nothing Hoe

No!!!!!! said...

no man is innocent???? dear black men i apologize on behalf of the broken sista and this in NO WAY reflects how black women feel about black men as a whole.

i support love respect black men. we love and respect the exonerated 5, emmitt till, and all other black men falsely accused of sex crimes and all other crimes.

NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...

Fuck kale, her basset hound face was dead ass wrong, snoopy's ass might have went too hard in the paint, but it ain't like he's a respectful nigga anyway, he said what most of us was thinking any damn way, this story as tired as them ugly ass wigs that saggy faced kale.

No!!!!!! said...

no man is innocent???? dear black men i apologize on behalf of the broken sista and this in NO WAY reflects how black women feel about black men as a whole. i accept you raping our daughters, and take full responsibility when they have the nerve to feel hurt or damaged.

i support love respect black men. we love and respect R. Kelly, Bill Cosby, and all other black men falsely accused of sex crimes and all other crimes, especially Russell Simmons and Dr. Dre.

No!!!!!! said...

606 is that crazy damaged girl not me

Anonymous said...

6:39pm NO!!!!!
6:06pm is using the WIFI in her home which is a PSYCHE WARD. She hasn't received her daily dose of haldol today. She talking out her ass. It's seem the mentally ill, white supremacist, crazy latinos always find their way to RWS.

No!!!!!! said...

because i feel really sorry and embarrassed for you

u really should educate yourself about this history of false accusations of rape in this country regarding black men and specifically white women. america is horribly unfair to black men.

its not fair to bring up russell simmons because he obviously had sex with kimora lee when she was a minor. this is a tell tale sign he is a power abuser.

the link is for everybody else and you. people need to understand this is where the gayle outrage stemmed from.

you and gayle are willfully committed to misunderstanding the history of black men being falsely accused of rape in america and for her to infer GIRL DAD KOBE BRYANT is a rapist before he was buried with his DAUGHTER although NO ONE SAID ANYTHING TO HIS FACE ABOUT IT for 17 YEARS is extremely irresponsible journalism.

LISA LESLIE was not the person to speak on that alleged rape/consensual encounter.

gayle could have asked Kobe this when he was winning Oscars and getting two jerseys retired. these events took place during the me too era.

we love black women and men.

No!!!!!! said...

omg yall i bet she is AZEALIA BANKS!!!!!!

Alma's Daughter said...

Let’s say Kobe didn’t rape the girl. If nothing else, he shouldn’t have left her crying in that room with a bruised ass. He should have been smart enough to know if she was someone he had to pay off, someone he had to follow up with, or someone he could treat like a 2 dollar heaux. He should have kept his mouth shut about Shaq (and how Shaq pays off women) when questioned by the police. He should have been at least a little humble when caught with his fly open instead of getting mad at the world.

Kobe was far from perfect and all this adulation is annoying to some. He got more points than most players but he also missed more shots than most players because he NEVER passed the ball (it’s some nice jokes going around about that, too). Passing the ball may sound like nothing to the average person, but he lost a championship to the Pistons in 2004 cuz he was having pissy fits and wouldn’t pass the ball.

Speaking of Kobe’s pissy fits, I haven’t heard Karl Malone speak on his death.

Kobe was wrong to have been cruel to his parents. His mother seems to have mental issues. Vanessa should be bigger than Kobe and take care of his parents. They should not have to sell any damn thing to survive.

But I also understand that a lot of us grew up with Kobe as the basketball king no matter who he did or didn’’t fuck, no matter how many times he didn’t pass the ball, no matter how many players he disrespected.

I understand, but this quietness ain’t gonna last forever.

And fuck whoever is in the Snitch’s house calling sistas jigga-boos. I got your jigga-boo right here, bitch.

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