Friday, March 20, 2020

Angelica Ross Finds Out Her Man is a Cheater Because of Coronavirus Quarantine Pics

Pose star Angelica Ross finds out her new man actually has a whole fiancé and a child...

It all started when Angelica shared pictures of her new boo on Twitter agonizing over having to separate because of the coronavirus quarantine.

And then this happened.

Fun Fact: Angelica is an openly trans public figure.

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I neither hide nor deny, or run away from my past. Every single step I've taken has brought me here, closer than I've ever felt to fully expressing the gift that is my life. And despite the attempts on my life, my own hands included, I'm #ALIVE. I'm blessed and forever grateful to discover my value and strength. I'm stronger than I thought and survived it all. Despite my physical condition on any given day, my soul smiles, because I "Know" myself in a biblical sense. I have learned to love myself from Beginning to End. I now know my life is valuable and worthy of protection, of love, and respect. I don't regret enlisting in the #Navy, to me it's part proof that I and many other #Trans and #LGBTQ people now and then, are willing to fight for our #Freedom(s) just as much as the next person, if given the opportunity to "Be All We Can Be" #transformationtuesday #veteran #Military #GirlsLikeUs #MissRoss #BeautifulAsIWantToBe #repost

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R in NYC said...

What happened to all the comments?

Anonymous said...

Exactly...what happened to the comments?
If this is the new way of working, I'm out.

Anonymous said...

I loved her in AHS 1984! One of the final girls ♥️

I hate the Voodoo hoe on this website said...

I agree what happened to all the comments? It was one that said did he know he was a dude and more saying he was a dude. I think dude didn’t know dude was a dude and found out and left dude. Fake ass Laverne Cox

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