Saturday, March 14, 2020

Donald Trump Declares National State of Emergency

Donald Trump declares National State of Emergency over coronavirus pandemic...

Donald Trump held a rare press conference in the Rose Garden on Friday to announce a National State of Emergency, while downplaying the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Trump administration has partnered with the CEOs of Walmart, Walgreen's and Google to tackle the serious lack of coronavirus testing. Walmart and Walgreen's have agreed to allow their parking lots to be used as mobile testing sites and while Google is working on a website to track patients.


NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...

False flag manufactured crisis, with it's crisis actors getting ready to find more ways, to rob the already overworked and underpaid debt wage slaves. "Coronovirus" has been on the back of household disinfectants it clearly states it kills coronovirus, which is just another strain of the flu. These damn zombies down here in Georgia fighting all in costco's and slashing each other with broken bottles, resulting in being wheeled out on stretchers. Went to the supermarket to pick up some damn bread and the shelves were bare, I'm just happy I'm always stocked with rice and beans, a staple in our house the only good thing to come out this fudkery, is my children and I get an extra two weeks off from school Yeah!!!

All this billions of dollars to fight the corona is the usual rich getting richer, but take note the poor is getting tired of y'all shit, Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter is here age of Aquarius is the return of Saturn, and I cannot wait for Mother to restore order to this bitch. Tired of these vampiric, parasitic bedbugs and their greed.

Anonymous said...

Well said 11:46am

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