Thursday, March 26, 2020

Judge Dismisses Future's Stalking Case Against Eliza Reign

Two years ago Florida concert promoter Eliza 'Reign' Seraphin accused rapper Future of threatening to kill her if she didn't abort his baby, and has been confronting him on social media ever since [click here if you missed that].

Despite that a judge just ruled against Future's stalking case against Eliza...

According to reports Future quietly filed a domestic violence case against Eliza Reign accusing her of being obsessed with him, threatening to publicly humiliate him if he didn't meet her demands and forcing him to change his phone number after she texted him 50 times a day.

Future argued that Eliza's frequent public outbursts were desperate attempts to get him to acknowledge her and caused him to fear for his life and suffer substantial emotional distress.

In the end the judge dismissed the filing, ruling there wasn't enough evidence to issue an injunction against Eliza.