Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Keri Hilson Deletes Coronavirus Theory

This week singer / songwriter Keri Hilson stunned her fans after promoting a conspiracy theory that blamed 5G networks for causing the coronavirus [click here if you missed that].

Keri dials down the rhetoric...

Last night Keri admitted her management team asked her to remove the posts but continued to encourage open dialog on the origins of the virus.


R in NYC said...

Dont dial it back sis...you told no lies.

NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...

She told no lies, however when you are in those industries you have to keep those opinions to yourself. Those industries don't like for their artist to display any type of "woke" behavior, that will cost them sponsorships and whatever else to keep the sheeps asleep. This is the current planetary alignment shaking up the world:


Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter is taking no prisoners.

Anonymous said...

But does she still have her popsicle fellatio still up?

Anonymous said...

She always seems to backtrack, from the Beyonce statement of years ago to other statements over the years. I wonder where would she be if she was unapologetic all the time. But hey Keri will get her song-writing coins the rest of her days.

Anonymous said...

She told no lies and that witch craft master beyonce blackballed her. Keri is super talented and actually writes her own songs.

Anonymous said...


And she's gorgeous!

But Keri is a puppet. As long as you sign with these vampire record labels and film companies, you have to be down for the causes that THEY say you should be.

Keri wants people to think but they rather her not to.

Don't believe none of these celebs. Even the ones who seem "woke" like Beyonce and Solange, Rihanna, Zendaya, and Nas. All of them are "woke" on white people's terms. Real woke people, who says the kind of Black advocacy that scares whites (Malcolm X-level advocacy) get silenced.

Keri is eccentric and I don't believe the 5G conspiracy but I do commend her for encouraging her followers to think beyond the box and not distracting them with fake-woke concerts trying to be Black Panther with a blond wig on or peddling a so called inclusive makeup brand owned by a white company and started by a light skinned woman who dates black men who hate dark skinned women and supports white racists.

Anonymous said...


You bet she does! Her handlers/mamagement need her to keep advertising like a high end escort! They want her to be a dumb Barbie doll... not a beautiful woman with a functioning brain and intelligence.

Anonymous said...

@6:19 PM, 7:44 PM

I agree she is a hell of a songwriter, not out here stealing songs claiming them as their own and getting sued and paying off lawsuits quietly or the so called hip-hop icon with new money with ghost writers or little Caribbean girls who compete with the culture thieves with make-up competition between them. @ 7:44 PM makeup brand owned by a white company and started by a light skinned woman who dates black men who hate dark skinned women and supports white racists. THIS RIGHT HERE GOT ME, SO "eloquently" PUT.👍

Unknown said...

But she didn’t lie though. Keri better than me because I would’ve told management to kiss my ass. People are dying out here over this wicked ass shit

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