Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Mel B Suing Former Nanny for Defying Stay Away Order

Three years ago Mel B's former nanny, Loraine Giles, sued the Spice Girl for defamation of character after Mel accused the nanny of wrecking her marriage [click here if you missed that].

Now Mel is accusing Loraine of remaining in contact with her daughter after being ordered to stay away by the courts...

From The Sun
MEL B has accused the nanny who allegedly wrecked her marriage of being former husband Stephen Belafonte’s “girlfriend” and “mistress”.
The Spice Girl, 44, made the claim in legal papers just days after finding out Lorraine Gilles still stays with her ex and their daughter Madison, eight.
She claims film producer Belafonte told Madison to refer to Gilles, 29, as “Jenny” to keep the relationship secret.
The ruse fell apart when Madison told her 21-year-old sister Phoenix, Mel’s oldest daughter from her first marriage.
She said Phoenix was alarmed because she knew her mum and Gilles have a “confidential agreement” barring the au pair from being around her or her family.
In the court papers filed in LA, Mel says: “I am shocked that our daughter would be forced to perpetuate a lie formed by her father simply to keep his mistress/girlfriend/nanny out of trouble.


Anonymous said...

No, Scary Spice, if you were eating her honey box then that would mean she was also your mistress. See what kind of tangled web a three-way is? Are you explaining this to little Madison that you was snorting white lines from her thighs?

And I hate names like Taylor, McKenzie, Madison, etc. They are NOT girls' names, they're last names that upper middle class white people give to their daughters. Ugh

Anonymous said...


add these to that list too:


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