Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Pras Jailed Over Child Support

For years Fugees member Pras Michel has been battling his ex-girlfriend, Angela Severiano, over child support for their 9-year old son [click here if you missed that].

This week the case came to a head and Pras was thrown in jail...

Pras was taken into custody in Manhattan on Monday after failing to prove he made a $20,000 court ordered child support payment on his $125,000 balance.

According to reports Pras insisted he made the payment and provided a tracking number claiming a friend mailed the check for him, but the tracking number didn't work.

Pras was taken into custody and is being held on $5,000 bond until his hearing next week.


Anonymous said...

Where did all that stolen money go...backwards hustlin

Anonymous said...

“A Friend” - Huh ?!

He Needs To SIT Until It HURTS .

Nothing More Worthless Than A Deadbeat Parent.

Anonymous said...


NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...

Trifling ass deadbeat.

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