Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Prince Charles Tests Positive for COVID19

The coronavirus hits the Royal Family after Prince Charles tests positive for COVID19...
Clarence House confirms,
"The Prince of Wales has tested positive for Coronavirus... He has been displaying mild symptoms but otherwise remains in good health."
According to reports the Prince was told he was contagious with the virus beginning March 13. His last meeting with Queen Elizabeth was March 12.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sure he'll receive the very best medical care on the planet. His chances are better than mine, no doubt.

ms mac said...

I don't wish death on nobody but it's interesting how not one truly rich and famous person has actually died from this thing. No cure yet (supposedly) but they all seem to have this remarkable recovery and/or lack of symptoms. Yet over 6,800 people have died in Italy alone; and more than 700 in one day. Spain's death toll has surpassed China's and they're claiming 700+ deaths in 24 hours also.

Like the poor or middle class, the wealthy are people who constantly mix and mingle with each other mostly to the exclusion of outsiders so you would think this would have spread among them just as rapidly. But all we hear about is how only one to three people within their circles are affected. Any statistician will tell you that those numbers don't make sense. As they say, something in the milk definitely ain't clean.

kyllawilliams said...

@ms mac cardi said the same thing and ppl are calling her a moron. glad ur thinking..

R in NYC said...

I still believe this was some man made population control experiment bullsh*t. Every day around 11 am Governor Cuomo comes on the air to brief New Yorkers on the latest updates. Its like a regular tv show now. They are getting us use to martial law, one world currency, the chip and rationing of resources.
I'm woke, wide awake and not falling for the fuckery.

NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...

Ms Mac
Cosign. As for this raggedly ass Scorpio like someone said he will have the very best healthcare paid for by the people. I'm so tired of these colonizers still living off the people, bunch of useless eaters.

Anonymous said...


Fuck Cardi.

And this man is old, crusty, and possibly inbred!! He could very well die from it!

R in NYC said...

Charles may never see that throne. That Queen doing what it takes to stay alive. You never hear about that old bat getting sick. As old as she is and always in good health despite all that inbreeding. Definitely Definitely something going on behind those palace doors.
Meg wasnt about to start partaking in the evil, twisted family "traditions" . She hauled her half black azz up out of there before it really got wierd.

Anonymous said...

This is a man made virus. There were a couple of other flu's before this one. If we were told the real story, it would cause an apocalyptic response far worst than hoarding paper products and food. It's a prelude to what's coming next.

Daisydooks said...

Good comments by all! *Thumbs up*

However, we should be cautious and mindful about attuning our mental energies to Caucasoid and Mongoloid agendas. We must cease giving them our power. Black people have the mental power of manifestation--good or bad. We cause things to happen with our thoughts. And everybody knows it. That's why WHITE religious and political propaganda works so effectively on us. We empower others to work against our self-interests. It's ingrained in our conditioning which must be replaced with a thinking paradigm that facilitates mind development where we tap into infinite potentials that reside within our cells for creativity and problem solving.

I attune my mental forces to improve myself so that I can contribute to operations that benefit and advance a common agenda for the Black/Negroid/African race.

As an individual, I know innately that it is imperative to purge every vestige of white pathology from my psyche. I protect and guard my physical senses because it's most vulnerable to corruption.

I understand why it's important to detox the body and Mind/Spirit.

Spiritual communications or cosmic wave communications are amplified through detoxification and meditation.

Many individuals who experience a mental shift in consciousness will go into protection mode of their brain sensory (i.e. sight, sound, smell, taste and touch) and will wean themselves from synthetic chemical poisons in pharmaceutical and street drugs, processed/denatured/hybrid foods, alcoholic beverage consumption, smoking, TV and radio programming, harmful radiation from electronics and anything that disrupts the body's natural biomagnetic field activity.

It's time to reconnect with SELF and stay grounded and centered.

Anonymous said...

4:55pm: Not trying to be funny but shouldn't going on the internet and blog gossip sites fall under that list?

Anonymous said...

Daisydooks your rant is too deep for this gossip

Daisydooks said...

Anonymous said...
4:55pm: Not trying to be funny but shouldn't going on the internet and blog gossip sites fall under that list? 5:06 PM

@5:06pm - Your question is valid. Some individuals do detox from the internet especially if their internet activity is counter-productive and non-business related.

@5:28pm - LOL

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