Friday, March 27, 2020

Rihanna Releases New Music

Rihanna fans have been impatiently waiting for new music ever since the 2016 release of her critically acclaimed album 'Anti.'

The wait is over.

Last night PartyNextDoor released a new single featuring Bad Gal RiRi....


Anonymous said...

Thats not new music...thats a feature. Why do ppl keep asking her for new music and she cant sing.

Anonymous said...


Thank you. Don't nobody wanna hear this talentless mean ass bitch sing. She's lucky she got grren eyes, light skin, and sex appeak because the fact she wad wrong to be whored out was why she got famous in the first place. And PND is wack and overrated. In fact, just about everyone signed to OVO Records make boring ass music. But everyone insists on having either Party Next Door or Future to produce R&B.

Stick to selling overpriced, drugstore-quality Rihanna. At least she got more talent modeling makeup---girl should have signed a modeling contract instead of a music contract from the start.

Brandy's coming out with a brand new song by the way--- more that's a black queen with some damn music talent!

Anonymous said...

^^^"She's lucky she got green eyes, light skin, and sex appeal because the fact she was willing to be whored out"*

"Stick to selling overpriced, drugstore-quality MAKEUP Rihanna."

"NOW that's a black queen with some damn music talent!"

Sorry for my typo FAIL! Damn! My autocorrect is acting awful! LOLLLL!

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