Saturday, March 21, 2020

Yung Berg Accuses Assault Victim of Being After Money

This week music producer Yung Berg aka Hitmaka defended his actions after a female houseguest accused him of pistol whipping her and breaking her nose, after he accused her of trying to set him up for a home invasion [click here if you missed that].

Berg is feeling vindicated after his alleged victim retains the services of attorney Lisa Bloom...

In an angry post on Instagram Berg shares a letter from Lisa Bloom with a caption in all caps reading, "I could have been dead!!! Money huh? Now y'all can see"


No!!!!!! said...

still shoulda put some hot lead in those dudes that ran up on u..

NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...

Why is he not under the jail for that vicious assault? he needs the same done to him by a men.

I hate the Voodoo hoe on this website said...

^^^^^shut up voodoo slut!

Anyway I think he was mad cause he couldn’t get no pussy for free cause she wanted money and pistol whipped her ass. All that set up shit is garbage. Why didn’t you use your pistol to smoke them so called fools who trying to break in? Then shoot her ass. Self defense but we all know you lying.

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