Monday, April 13, 2020

Diddy and JLo Reunite for COVID19 Benefit

Over the weekend Sean 'Love' Combs held a dance-a-thon on Instagram Live to benefit healthcare workers on the frontline of the COVID19 battle.

Diddy's favorite ex, Jennifer Lopez, and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez dropped by...

Surprisingly Drake also showed up for Diddy's virtual dance party despite their bad blood over Jennifer Lopez [click here if you missed that].

While Diddy danced with lots of regular folks for the dance-a-thon other celebrity guests included Usher, Lebron James, Demi Lovato, Shaquille O'Neal, K. Camp, Swae Lee, 2 Chainz, Ciara and Russell Wilson and others.

So far TeamLove has raised $3.7 million for healthcare workers.


Anonymous said...

P Shitty is like FEW black black men who want to get into some latina's draws. Even if 100 men have had that same latina pussy too. They love spreading that herpes around.

ms mac said...

Why do these celebs insist on trying to get the (mostly broke) public to spend their money? I get it. We should all be appreciative of all the folks who are on the front lines daily but aren't they still getting a paycheck? So what's the extra money these celebs are collecting supposed to do for them? What's it for exactly? How exactly does this money "support" healthcare workers, which ones and where?

If every celeb at that dance party contributed even a half a million, which is a drop in the bucket for most of them, they would easily reach whatever goal they're asking the public for. I mean they ain't spending it on lavish yacht parties and shit so they might as well spend it on something useful, right?

Sorry but these fundraisers are too damn much, especially when they're not being clear about where the money's going. Not everybody's sitting on extra cash just waiting to give it away. And not everyone can work from home or has a fat bank account. Some people were barely making minimum wage when this happened so Imma need these celebs to stop capitalizing off their fans just to try and stay relevant.

Anonymous said...

@10:42 You wrote my entire line of thinking. I was sholl planning to write every word you recorded. I think about the comments on yahoo where they brag about the royal family in Britain and how they show up to fundraisers to ask others to donate to the cause they patronize. I'm boggled. Yes every dollar helps but the royal family is worth $88B. They could give $250K to each patronage and still live well off the commoners. They are said to be working hard but it's the one there everyday who are actually doing the work with the people in need. I digress.

These celebs need to stop giving to the Red Cross during disasters. The money never goes directly to the donated cause. it's spread around and the executives get a percentage of every donation. The CEO's salary is $603K per year, benefits, bonuses and 401 K contributions. They need to pick apartment complexes and pay the rent for a year for the tenants. Go to the grocery stores and cover all food for a month with limits per shopper.
Kim Kardashian gave $500k for Hurricane Harvey Relief. We were told that money would be spread around through out the program. Meanwhile people were still in hotels being fed skittles and jello for meal. When the Florida storm came they threw away 800 pounds of dog food, trucks filled with unopened red blankets, clothes, shoes and good food that was never given to people or spread to the masses before leaving. The logic was people will give more for Florida and no need to move what's already been paid for. What a waste.

Take a look here:

Tippie Hippie said...

Nice Reunion!

Anonymous said...

Diddy sure never listened to Dr. John Henrik Clarke. Dr. Clarke said black people have NO friends, if you want a friend look in the mirror. There is no such thing as a black, brown alliance.

NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

Ms mac you said everything my black ass was coming to say. Cosign to the 9th power!!!

NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

11:27 AM
Honorable mention to you as well. This has always been my beefs with these so called "charities" I remember back in my 20's being in a homeless shelter for batter women and kids, in the YWCA in Cambridge Mass, the shelter got so many donations in money. Not one penny went to the residents or their children on the various programs that was supposed to help us. Those lesbian white women running in charge used the monies to buy big ass SUV's, houses it was a scandal, they came in and fired every last one of those hoes, who were also trying trying to sexually approach the women. If I knew now what I knew them, I would have organized with the other women and sued their asses. Money donated rarely if ever go to the intended people who need it. The fact is we can solve hunger, homelessness and poverty in this lifetime, but the parasitic 1% who control the wealth on this planet, set the conditions for the 99% to live under. Change must come we can no longer support the parasites on this planet, they must die off!!!

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