Monday, April 27, 2020

Gervonta Davis Sued Over Jewelry Scam

Boxer Gervonta Davis sued for paying his jeweler wth a counterfeit check...

According to reports Gervonta Davis is being sued by Shyne Jewelers Inc. after giving them a counterfeit check for $250k. Shyne claims Gervonta made a legitimate large purchase and then used their goodwill to scam them out of more than $250,000 worth of jewelry and services.

After passing the counterfeit cashier's check Gervonta stopped taking their calls but continued to floss their jewels online.

Shyne is seeking $250,000 plus lawyer fees.


Anonymous said...

He can start his very own boxing school behind bars. He cant win this one if they can produce the fake check in his hand writing. This was a stupid thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Niggas gonna nig.

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