Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Rob Kardashian Claims Blac Chyna Pointed a Gun at His Head

Three years ago Rob Kardashian and his sister Kylie Jenner filed a lawsuit against his estranged baby mama, former stripper Blac Chyna, accusing her of demolishing Kylie's house while she and Rob were living there and strangling Rob with an iPhone cord [click here if you missed that].

Now Rob is claiming Chyna also pulled a gun on him...
According to reports Rob Kardashian recently amended his lawsuit to include claims that Chyna pointed a gun at his head and threatened to kill him after drinking champagne and snorting cocaine all day during a photoshoot.

Rob claims there were plenty of witnesses including some watching on FaceTime.

The case is ongoing and separate from Rob and Chyna's bitter child custody battle over their daughter Dream Kardashian.


Anonymous said...

He want her back so bad. This loser refuses to move on. They deserve each other.

R in NYC said...

Rob is such a simp. He should have never released his sperm in that ho. I no longer feel sorry for him.

ms mac said...

How does one just magically remember someone pointed a gun at their head? FOH. They take toxic to the next level.

CookieMobster said...

IDK why he is so simple and insecure. He's rich even if it his sister's money. Who gives AF? I just don't understand him. Then again, I'm not well versed in b!tch negro!!

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