Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Doja Cat Debunks Every Racist Rumor

This week rapper Doja Cat was forced to apologize after video leaked of her using the n-word with a hard ER in a chat room allegedly filled with white supremacists and also of her complaining about her 4c hair [click here if you missed that].

Doja debunks the claims one by one...
Last night Doja Cat went on Instagram Live and admitted her initial apology was crafted with the help of her team, but felt she owed it to her fans to be authentic and address them directly.

First Doja declared love for herself and her 4c hair, while admitting she struggles to care for it. She went on to explain that she didn't intend to hurt anyone with her admission and that she was surprised at the backlash because her girlfriends with 4c hair also complain about the extensive maintenance required to keep 4c hair healthy.

Then Doja vehemently denied her song, 'Dindo Nuffin' was about Sandra Bland or police brutality, and instead was her misguided attempt to channel the insults hurled at her through her music.

Next Doja denied seeking out and frequenting white supremacist chat rooms or indulging in slave play. She did admit using the N-word with the hard ER but blames it on being black-out drunk and a dumbass. She also said, while she's attracted to men of all races, it's really no one's business who she dates.

Finally Doja denied sending racists Tweets about Arabs or calling Beyoncé a monkey and apologizes to the people who didn't realize she was joking when she promised to show her boobs if the 'Say So' remix went to no.1.