Friday, May 29, 2020

Ed Hartwell Fights Child Support Case

Last month former child star Keshia Knight Pulliam requested her ex-husband, retired football player Ed Hartwell, be tossed in jail after falling $30,000 behind in child support [click here if you missed that].

Not so fast...
According to reports Ed just filed to have Keisha's court filing tossed out because he was not properly served.

Keyshia and Ed were married for just a few months before she announced her pregnancy and he filed for divorce [click here if you missed that].


Anonymous said...

I dont know why she married this man. His reputation was sketchy at best. She could have married someone more successful than Ed. The pickings must really be slim in the ATL. Look at Porches baby daddy and T.I. is no prize either.

She comes off a little thirsty and cray-cray.

Anonymous said...

sorry ass nigga. I see her as the type that just wanted a donor and that's okay. She could have took him or left him; thank God for the latter.

R in NYC said...

If she just wanted a donor, should have gone to a sperm bank. I think she really thought that arranged marriage was going to work. She knew dude didn't have no endz. His ex Lisa Wu spent all of that.

NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

Dis nigga!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe pickins are REEEEAL slim in atl. I feel bad for regular chicks, but not only is she a frequent traveler, she has the option and ability to live almost anywhere in US.
Searching for a fully heterosexual male partner, I would be looking almost ANYWHERE other than atlanta.

She comes from a good family, she's hbcu educated with a full degree and she's had a substantial career on T.V.
SMH black women it's time to broaden our horizons. Stop putting these black men on pedestals that don't even want to reciprocate.
This sorry ass nigga would rather spend money on lawyers than support his own child.
I hope she raises her daughter to do better.

Tippie Hippie said...

In light of the constant attack on our black men is $30K worth putting him in jail? Surely you want your daughter to have a relationship with her father

Don balee me juh watch said...

Another angry Black woman trying to destroy a Black man. The list gets longer everyday

1. Future 9th baby carrier
2. Azealia Banks
3. Angry Cosby show girl

This chile has money for days from that show. Why is she still trying to be in his life?? She is doing it out of spite. That’s what’s disgusting. She doesn’t need the child support money she just is abusing the system. Her estimated Forbes NET WORTH IS $12 MILLION!! She is bullying this poor man to be cruel. Karma Rudy!

Anonymous said...

I knew it was bad in atl, but I just realized how DIRE the situation was when I saw on youtube that Kandi had actually dated Walter (Kenya's ex).
Walter. Who looks, sounds, and acts like a character from Sesame Street.
"Hey kids! It's our friend Walter, the tow truck driver! Who you wanna date today Walter, a multi-millionairess grammy winner, or a former miss U.S.A?"

Anonymous said...

Don Balee
Future's NINTH baby mama is trying to "ruin" his life??? As opposed to the EIGHT women's (AND CHILDREN) lives before her that he chose to ruin?

Whose poor widdle black man life did Azealia disrupt? She mostly only beefs with WHITE men.

If your fellow sack of shit black man did not want a baby, he shouldn't have had one. But oh, little black baby GIRLS don't need support from poor disenfranchised, fully able bodied and capable, lazy selfish Black men, huh.

I hope his ass ends up in jail AND he has to pay ALL the back CS money. Wasn't he a former athlete, he needs to get off his lazy ass and find it from somewhere.
Courts do not punish these losers enough.

Anonymous said...

She knew what she was getting when she got him. He's a bum,so that's that. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

There must be something in the water, electricity or gas lines. Where are the real men ATL? If your not a Queen then you should move from the city.

Anon said...

Its true. The men here are trash.

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