Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Phaedra Parks Retuning to Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Three years ago Phaedra Parks was kicked off The Real Housewives of Atlanta for spreading a slanderous lie about Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker [click here if you missed that].

Is Phaedra in talks to return...?

Sure sounds like it

From The Sun
REAL Housewives of Atlanta alum Phaedra Parks is in talks to return to the show three years after she was fired for spreading vicious rumors, The Sun can exclusively reveal.
A source exclusively told The Sun: “Phaedra is in talks to come back to the show.
“RHOA is still the highest-rated Housewives series, but producers feel it hasn’t been as interesting so they want Phaedra to return.”
The insider added Kandi “isn’t happy” over the potential new addition.


Anonymous said...

With all them degrees & mortuary certifications this lady still pressed to be amongst the fuckery!
This lil reality TV fame got ni66as delusional!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Finally.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting if her story line includes...ex husband and new girl friend. I want Sheree to come back too. She stirs the pot real good.

Let Cynthia go. Mike and her need to move on for a happy life together. I dont want to see her in another failed relationship. TV can destroy a couple.

Tanya is tired pls get rid of her.

Anonymous said...

To: 12:02

Everything you said I agree with. They need to leave NeNe & Portia and bring on a whole new cast. I'm sick of the arguing back and forth. Kandi, get your own show. Kenya, get your own show. Cynthia, Boring and has a stale storyline. Tanya, Not relevant to anything. Eva - no storyline and lies too much. This show needs a revamp.

Rainy Dayz said...

I agree @12:02 & 12:06

Nene and Porscha should continue on with a new cast.

Absolutely no one can read like Phaedra I would love for her to come back.

I want somebody to whoop Kenya's ass. She talk shit like white people and hide behind the law. I want ceily to spread the message to beat her.

BaybeK8s said...

@11:40 AM As they say down south,"You ain't never lied!" It's a d@mn shame, too. And to paraphrase Pookie. She tried to kick it, but that shit just be callin', her man. It be callin' her. She just got to go to it! 😂😒😒

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Phaedra's been punished enough for her lie, but I doubt she'll be interesting at this point and she'll be too scared to say anything to anyone from now on.
At this point, Kenya IS the damn show, but Kandi and Eva are definitively good supporting cast.
Cynthia is boring, but she's Kenya's right hand man so she'll be hard to replace.
Nene and Portia can just... go.
I would love to see Sheree back. She had the best reads and one-liners.

Anonymous said...

They are only going to bring her back because Andy has a crush on Apollo. Apollo IS her storyline.

I've been wanting Porsha horse face, loud mouth, desperate ass off the show when she got divorced from Kordell. I swear Cancer women have ZERO self-esteem! They be so thirsty after a man/family til its pathetic. She's pathetic. She could have easily done so much better than Dennis...a man that cheated on you while you were pregnant???? REALLY??? FRFR???? You gonna marry that NIGGA and BELIEVE that for the entire length of your marriage he will NEVER CHEAT ON YOU AGAIN??? Momma raised a dummy.

NeNe please get your ugly, ghetto, trashy, loudmouth ass off the screen. I enjoyed the episodes when she wasn't on it.

Eva you bring nothing to the show, you are beautiful tho, but see ya!


Bring Sheree back too, she's a better bone collector than Kandi.

Anonymous said...

I see a lot of delusional comments on here

As I stated on a prior post

Nene IS the show ! Facts

If you don't believe that then feel free to verify with Ratings, Bravo and Andy.

Anonymous said...

Ya'll have to remember Phaedra tried to keep her business private the only reason it came out was cause of Apollo. They need to bring back Apollo in order for Phaedra to be interesting, without him all she did was provide periodic shade and the rest was glitter boring.

Unknown said...

Please don't bring that little chunky mess back to that show. She's too much drama even for reality television. Keep her in the mortuary amongst the dead.

Anonymous said...

Tanya, Kandi, Cynthia, Eva can be replaced and bring back the old Marlo with the smart mouth, Sheree and Phaedra.

Nene needs to stop playing victim. She's like Frump...she can dis it out but cant take it when it comes back to her.

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