Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Russell Simmons Denies Underage Dating Rumors

Disgraced music mogul Russell Simmons disputes popular urban legend that he began dating his ex-wife, Kimora Lee Simmons, while she was underage...
It all started after Russell wished Kimora happy birthday and fans began questioning their dating timeline.


Unknown said...

He looks creepy. And if he didn't do anything wrong why did he flee the country?

Unknown said...

He lying. He like underage girls but waits till they get to that 18 mark to proceed. Nigga you still old enough to be her daddy

Anonymous said...

Plenty men from the hood to Hollywood date young girls. That's nothing new. Kimora super paid. She did well for herself.

Anonymous said...

@2:08 So you think it's okay to be a pedophile? Fuck off. I'm sick of you pedophile sympathizers defending these monsters just because yo fat asses were out there fucking grown men and women.

R in NYC said...

I find it disturbing her mother and manager approved of their relationship. We know good and damn well if he had been sleazy Russell working at Burger King they would have been like Hell Naw!

ms mac said...

Money talks, bullshit walks. Her momma pimped her out to the highest bidder just like Aaliyah's mom did. At 17 you can't drink (legally), vote or drive (in most states) so this was all about the mother setting up Kimora for a good future and securing that bag. And once these girls get caught up in the material trappings and fame they're not going anywhere. I guess crusty Rusty wouldn't feel any kind of way if his 17 y.o. wanted to date a 30 y.o. man as long as dude is paid.

Btw, it's interesting how nobody really goes in on JayZ and Bey's age difference or Dame and Aaliyah's. I know they didn't meet at 17 but it's all the same in terms of age difference. Just a matter of perspective.

Anonymous said...

Hate The Term ‘UnderAge’.

Kimora Was A CHILD. When Russell Nasty Ass Was A Grown Person & He Is A Fucking Pedophile Creep Whose Time Is UP.

@2:31 - These ‘Celie’ Minded Hoes Is Beyond Help . They Been Abused & Raped & Violated For Since They Can Remember & Has Accept SHIT As Normal . To These Sicko Hoes These GIRLS Are FAST (What Does That Even Mean?! ) & Have The Mind To Deal W & Defend Themselves Against Grown Men .

Kimora Is Far From ‘Fine’-

Children Aren’t Resistant They Grow Up & Breakdown & That Is Exactly Why Kimora Served That Senior Citizen A Two Piece Mix & Fries & A Pepper & Strawberry Fanta.

She Could NOT Fight Russ Off Then BUT She Can Beat Up An Old Lady In The Parking.

Child Trauma + Undlying/ Unresolved Issues + Triggers = Is A Recipe For Dieaster.

Kimora Grew Up Fucked Up & Energy Cannot Be Created Nor Destoryed. Only Transfered.

Anonymous said...

231 You f*ck off and calm down. Pedophilia is sick. Children being taken advantage of by adults is illegal. Now the reality is young girls go after older men and vice versa. It happens and its not always the case of the younger one being taken advantage of. Some girls are mature and lie about their age. Ot happens. Now if Russell did something illegal he should be in jail. But Kimora was 18. Well taken care of and made her own decision. Why judge them now. When real small children are out there actually being abused against their will as we speak. Fake activist crying over millionaires.

Anonymous said...

4:30 - You Sick As F

“Young GIRLS Go After GROWN Men “

Do You Even Hear You ?!

No Young Woman Wants Old Balls . Anything Crossing A Generational Line Is Gross As Fuck . Ask Any YOUNG Woman. Old Men Are Creepy AF . Any Young Woman Who “Goes After”. Old Men Don’t Have A Daddy Period & Is Why Those Dirty Ass Niggas Looking To Raise Them For Their Own Sick Gratifications & YOU Know It .

Grown People Should Not Entertain /Seduce / Entice l/ Have Sex W Children PERIOD .

Children. Do Not Have The Mind To Consent & Grown People Should Have The Mind NOT To Indulge. & Old Niggas Are Worse Than Children When It Comes To Lying About Their Age .

Lol @Kimora Was 18

That Is A Lie She Was 15/16 When He Started Grooming & Raping Her

Sick Ass Being A Legal Adult & Grown Is Two Different Things . Teen Agers & Young Adults Are Fragile /Impulsive & Can Not Think Past The Nose On Their Face Because The ‘Soft Spot’ Ain’t Closed Until 25/26 Donut . THAT Nigga Was 30 Fucking Years Old . Retarded Ass . Learn Something.

“Why NOW” ?!

Why NOT NOW ?? No Time Better Than The Present.

Sick Ass.

Anonymous said...


*No Young Woman In Her RIGHT Mind

Anonymous said...

@ ms mac you retarded ass they driving at 15 in some states (Georgia) Shut yo dumb ass up!!!

Anonymous said...

@3:21 Ms. Mac you described Marjorie Harvey is a nutshell. I would ass Kris Jenner, too.

Anonymous said...

How would he feel if his daughter is 17 w/ a 30 year old -pervert- man?

Anonymous said...

That relationship was likely Kamora's first REAL SERIOUS relationship. It established her views, value & perception of relationships. Notice she has several kids by different daddies & can't keep a man. Then she passes that dysfunction on to her kids, & them to their kids....and so on..& so on....But the LEAST affected is the one who started it all.

Anonymous said...

@4:47 ***RUSSELL***

Mia said...

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