Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Bill Cosby Wins Right to an Appeal

Two years ago comedian Bill Cosby was convicted on 3 counts of aggravated indecent assault charges and sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison over a 2004 incident involving Temple University employee Andrea Constand [click here if you missed that].

Cosby's case is moving to the Philadelphia Supreme Court...

Bill Cosby's team reacted to the news last night on social media.

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Camille, we have been in this fight together for 55 years and counting. You never wavered with your love and support for me nor our children. Today, your interview with Ms. Linsey Davis was strong & filled with TRUTH & Facts. I thank Jacqueline Jackson, Dale Cochran & Judith Rutherford James for highlighting your brilliance & strength. I thank the ABC News Team — Santina Leuci, Christopher Francescani & Linsey Davis for not editing your words. I sincerely thank the State Supreme Court of Pennsylvania for agreeing to review my appeal & overturn the racial corruption of the DA & Judge. I thank Black Lives Matter for seeking justice for the injustice. To my bride, Camille, I love you forever & thank you, thank you & thank you. Bill Cosby #CamilleCosby #ABCNewsPrime #LinseyDavis #GMA #BlackLivesMatter #SCOPA #FreeBillCosby #FarFromFinished (Video credit ABC News/ @billcosbyis )
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Anon said...

I hope he wins. There were some shady women in his case.
He messed around on Camille, yes but those women were " party girls".

He didn't supply them drugs. They took drugs together

ms mac said...

Great, now everybody wants to jump on the #BLM train. How about #NoDrugsInHerDrinkMatters Pill Bill?

Anonymous said...

^^^ i was with you until you said that stupid shit.
I think the humiliation & lack of support from family, friends & colleagues has humbled his old ass. And if he wasn't so deviant his ass wouldnt be in this predicament. It was the 70s & he didnt have to sneak a bitch a mickey. All he had to do was put the bowl on the table with the coke.

Anonymous said...

Most of those women were Yt. BLM does not apply to this case Pill. How much money is he paying the court system to get this appeal?

Camille has got to be living her best life with him behind bars.

R in NYC said...

Pill Bill still ain't shiiid.

Alma's Daughter said...

Fuck him and Camille. He (along with Hugh Hefner) was drugging women and Camille sat by quietly while he did it.

I don't care if they're white or black or men or women, you don't get to drug people and take advantage of them.

Anonymous said...

“They Took Drugs”- & Passed Out . You Can NOT Be Passed OUT & Give Consent . Party Girls Lives Matter Too -& How Many Did NOT Wake Up ?

Fucking Creep Was Fucking Them A Heartbeat Away From Death .

May He Drown In His Own Pudding While Watching Lenorad Part 6 On Loop

NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

This fucking creep should have been shanked in prison. Disgusting deviant.

R in NYC said...

Watching Leonard part 6 on loop is a fate worse than death! 😂😂😂

Anonymous said...

Those glaucoma eyes are giving me the JEEPER CREEPERS.

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