Monday, June 29, 2020

Lil Duval Sued Over Hit Single

Last year comedian Lil Duval recorded his debut single 'Smile [Living My Best Life].'

Now Duval's writing partners are suing him over the smash hit...

According to reports Lil Duval's former friends, music producer Darwin Quinn and professional songwriter Mitchelle’l Sium, are suing Duval for copyright infringement accusing him of stealing all the profits from a song they created together.

Quinn, who produced Young Dro's 'Shoulder Lean' claims to have played a beat for Duval back in 2017 while he and Sium wrote the lyrics for a song called 'Back and Forth.'

Quinn and Sium claim Duval went behind their backs to work with a different producer who used their lyrics on a different beat for Duval's summer smash, 'Smile' ft. Snoop Dogg.

Quinn and Sium are seeking co-ownership of the song and $150,000 for each instance of copyright infringement.


Shananigans said...

Thts what he get, he really thought he was a rapper. I remember when he was supposed to be doing comedy and went up there rapping and singing and got boo'd.

Anonymous said...

CTFU...didn't he perform recently & had the audacity not to sing "Living my best life"?!?!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand this little ninja

Anonymous said...

WHAT...he has a hit record??? Ppl have no taste in music.
They say bad luck comes in threes. Whos next to suit?

Anonymous said...

Good! Can't stand this annoying ass song. Every black person sung this song, eating ribs at BBQs while do line hustling to it, and crackas trying to be hip and down kept repeating "Livin my Best Life". Annoying ass song and Lil Duval is trash with his black woman-hating self.

Anonymous said...

Hes another one not funny....only funny looking.

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