Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Ms. Robbie Accuses Grandson's Mother of Withholding Visitation

Ms. Robbie, from the reality show 'Welcome to Sweetie Pies' accuses her son Tim Norman's ex-girlfriend Jenae of not allowing her to see her grandson...
It all started yesterday when Ms. Robbie made a post about not being able to see her grandson, Timmy, on his birthday.

After fans told Ms. Robbie she had grandparent's rights, she made a video assuring her fans she was fighting for visitation.

... and then things started getting messy.

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Fans kept tagging Jenae and she showed up with her side of the story claiming she was not going to force her son to see his dad for the first time in four years, when they already had birthday plans in place and even invited Tim and Ms. Robbie to attend, which they refused.

After the dragging Ms. Robbi accused Jeane of withholding the child for money and said she would not be stooping to her level with another response.

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