Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Nicki Minaj Confirms Tekashi6ix9ine Rumors

Over the past few weeks social media has been buzzing with reports that Nicki Minaj was working on new music with controversial rapper Tekashi6ix9ine.

The rumors were true...

Nicki just announced her new collab with Tekashi called, 'Trollz' with a "portion of the proceeds" going to the bail fund for protesters of the murder of George Floyd.

Fun Fact: Back in 2015 Tekashi6ix9ine pled guilty to one felony count of 'use of a child in a sexual performance' and was sentenced to four years probation. Tekashi also famously violated street code by testifying against his fellow gang members at trial.


Anonymous said...

Negative and negative does not equal positive. They both are a disgrace.

NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

These two travesty both look like child molesters. Oh wait...

Anonymous said...

Fuck these two demonic Satanic industry sex slaves. They both look cheesy as hell! Like Lisa Frank porn stars.

Anonymous said...

@12:19 Lol! Off topic, I’m an 80s baby and was all about some Lisa frank in elementary school. Forgot how popular that was. Nicki is older than I am and needs to grow up. The rainbow stuff just comes across as creepy.

whomp whomp said...

she has made her position clear. she's down with perverts and criminals. isn't she officially washed up? nobody is checkin for nicki anymore.

Anonymous said...

Two disgusting people making disgusting things that have absolutely nothing to add to our current climate.

I'm hoping we are all intelligent enough to walk away.

ThatBKChick said...

You are what you attract....Never phucked with Yikki Garbage! I chose to listen to female talent like Rhapsody! Phuck these built-thot-wack-ass rappers!

ms mac said...

'A portion of the proceeds ...'

A whole $1 bill would satisfy that requirement. This bitch think she's slick. At some point you can't use the "it's just entertainment" excuse and ignore who a person is and what they stand for. I think anybody who still defends this bird is probably just as amoral as she is.

Anonymous said...

To: 12:19 PM

They're both definitely demonic and I'm watching everyone who gravitates towards each of them and it teaches me who to fuck with and who not.

Anonymous said...

I'll take a wanna be social activist retardi bardi over these two any second of the day or week. Nicki likes toxicity? Is that a word? Ya'll intelligent and know what I'm talking about. Nicki ain't never been down for Black people, women or human empowerment at all. Only when she is directly effected she then speaks out. She's a narcissist, gas lighting and pedo supporting low life. Never liked her or her entitled attitude. Only because no one was out and her shutting folks out is the only reason for her 10 year reign as fake ass queen. Fucking 'Lil Kim on steroids 5.0 is all she'll ever be. Total scum!

R in NYC said...

Demonic Rainbow Brite and Bozo de Clown can get the hell on.
The two of them together look like a circus freak show. I don't know how she keeps her balance with that inflatable, beach ball azz.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with y'all

Nicki may have started out with some of Lil Kim's style However...

Nicki's rap skills and style FAR exceed hers
And that's facts

I do not care for Snitch 9 at all.
His crew was grimey as hell
And he was a punk ass tag along
All about trolling for clout

However it is a Music BUSINESS
On principle i would definitely not F with snitch 9

But let's face it.
This colorful clown is hot right now
With the younger audience (Unfortunately)

At this point in Nicki's career
I think that her plan is to do it real big with all singles that lead up to her 5th Album and them go out with a Bang.
Before bowing out of the rap game.

I see why some/ most are against this collab but if the song turns out to be Hot
It wiil sell and chart Facts

Lastly, what female rapper would turn down this business opportunity???


T said...

TRASH, you would think she could pass up this garbage BUT I guess since she is financially supporting her rapist brother in prison and has to pay off his attorneys..she got to do what she has to do... oh, and we KNOW she has to pay for her felonious Hubby--she got to take anything that comes.

Anonymous said...

2:45 Nicki can rap but she still jacked Kim's style and she's overrated and she's arrogant. There were many before her and Kim...She supports troublesome folk. Her brother raped that child and she still upheld him. Brother or not, I'm not speaking up and upholding fuckery.
And lastly, all money ain't good money. Isn't she suppose to be retired? Her character and integrity is super shaky. None of us are perfect at all and fall short. However, she just pushes and pushes and it's not a good look.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:30 Girl Bye
@ 5:48 Follow Suit

The question was what OTHER female rapper would pass up this business opportunity ?
PLEASE tell me

Also, it amazes me how people try to judge Nicki's career off of her personal decisions OUTSIDE of the studio... But not others
Jay Z shot his own brother
50 burned down his BM house
Kanye wifed a porn star
Lil Kim is an UNrecognizable slave to plastic
And dated drug dealers admittedly
Meg, Trina and Cardi stripped & prostituted
The list goes on & on
But somehow THEY are in a judgement free zone
And Nicki has to pay for her brother's sins
C'mon now

Haters look for reasons to hate

Her lyrical ability speaks for itself
She can rap circles around Lil Kim

#Team Nicki
I said what I said

Anonymous said...

6:25 shut your lying ass up..Meg has never prostituted. And your girl is still a pedo lover and says alot about you too. GROSS AND DONE....

Anonymous said...

@ 2:45 Megan would turn it down. Cardi would, as well. Rhapsody. I would have expected Nicki to too and I really don’t expect much from her. If anything, I would’ve expected Doja Cat to do some troll mess like this grief but I don’t even think she would.

Anonymous said...

To: 6:25 PM

You're just as sick as Nicki! I don't know how you fucking sleep at night trying to justify her bullshit. Pedophilia is unforgivable you fucking sicko!

KenyaDoll said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sick of these glorified porn stars said...


I got news for you: Megan the Transmule is using ass, pussy, and her flabby titties to make it further. She's an industry sex toy. Not too far from a prostitute.

These chicks are using sex to be exploited. They are applying prostitute business tactics.

Anonymous said...

From: 6:25

I see that my comment has got some of y'all triggered and some of y'all telling delusional Lies.

But don't worry, I'm going to help yall out

Please see Facts Below:
1. Nicki is the Hottest female rapper out
2. Nicki is a Global pop star as well
3. Snitch 9 has been estimated to make tons of money & produce more hits BEFORE he was released
4. Snitch SELECTED Nicki over ALL other female rappers to collab with which speaks for itself
5. Make no mistake, Meg, Doja, Cardi, Trina, City Girls and ANY other female rapper would jump at the chance for this collab.

So there you have it.

Stay on the Nicki Hate Train if you want ok

BUT I said what I said

# Team Nicki

Anonymous said...

Nicki is trash and been trash for a good long while. Folks still supporting this negative, drama-ridden, pill popping hoe carry the same personality traits so they relate to the BS.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ No sweetie, you're just jealous of her

That's it & That's all

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows Sticky is washed up.. this is a desperate attempt to keep some money coming in but like others have said when your brother likes to rape kids and your husband has to check in cause he does shit just like that... what do you expect of her? the BITCH is going down in FLAMES!!!

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