Thursday, June 25, 2020

Towanda Braxton Accused of Stealing From Her Mother and Bad Mouthing Her Sisters

Towanda Braxton accused of stealing from her mom, her sister Toni Braxton and bad mouthing the rest of her sisters by a disgruntled employee...

It all started after Toni Braxton's former assistant Zo blasted Towanda on his podcast for owing him money for work he did on her skin care line. Zo claims Towanda stole her mother's social security checks, stole money from her more famous sister Toni and that she trash talks the family to whom ever will listen.

Adding insult to injury he promoted the podcast using Towanda's blurred mugshot.

After word began to spread that Zo was dragging Towanda on his podcast she shared a cryptic meme asking why people are always talking about her.

Followed by a pointed response from Zo