Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Lil Uzi Vert Reveals Entanglement with Rihanna?

Popular rapper Lil Uzi Vert raises eyebrows with post and delete about Rihanna...

It all started after RiRi shared a picture of herself and rapper A$AP Rocky to promote her new skincare line. 

That's when Uzi popped up in the comments writing "I was a side nigga once" causing all kinds of havoc and speculation.

Uzi later deleted his comment and replaced it with one about Rhianna's skincare line but the damage had already been done.


Anonymous said...

It looks like he was captioning the picture. That was a hilarious caption. Look at asap's face then read lol

Anonymous said...

Asap is so pretty

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was alluding to being a side piece to ASAP!

Shananigans said...

Rihanna love her a lil ugly black something. He probably aint lying Ri has left alot of them with broken hearts

Rainy Dayz said...

Asap is a bad bitch. Periodt

NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

Asap is so fucking beautiful, look at that beautiful shiny ass melanin, his ass is shea buttered down like a God!!! Riri looking nice and shiny too. Asap got this song Black:
This is my crunk music.

As for lil ugly ass Uzivert nigga you have ruined your skin with all them ugly ass tattoos, tatts on the neck and face is a no no, that shit just makes you look like you just got out of prison for raping puppies. Lil Uzivert all that satanic shit you partake in, got you out here looks spiritually and physically dusty ass all hell. All my friends are dead is my shit!!! but that crazy ass satanic video is a no!! my Nubian people stop partaking in those fake ass jews hollyweird rituals, and get in your ancestors Solomon Keys and lock them bitches down, and take that shit over. Beautiful picture up top Nubians kissed by the sun.

Anonymous said...

Asap was the side when rihanna was with that handsome billionaire....biggest downgrade in history who wants a rapper

Anonymous said...

If you really want to prove the skin care works, put Lil Uzi in the ad and show some improvement on his face, after using Fenty.

The skin care is not legit when you already have good skin before using. This product did nothing for either of them.
Good genes count. Ask they Momma.

Asap Rocky, Rihanna, and Uzi are all Satanic Trash said...


Rihanna is a NOTORIOUS industry sex slave. A popular NYC DJ who was influential in the music/fashion trends (and who Rihanna ripped of the ghetto goth look from) already exposed her. This talentless no singing ass thot got ahead using pussy. She followed J.Los book of "using sex appeal and black magick to compensate for a lack of talent".

She fucked for tracks and every person she links to, male or female, she's fucking for tracks or movie roles. She's a low vibrating dumb bitch. How are you going to befriend and link up with Satanic Black men who gave explicitly expressed their disdain for dark skinned black women and who don't support BLM???

Lest we forget, she gained support in her career by bashing Black ADOS female artists in the past? But she never came for a white female artist. Typical deluded, anti-ADOS Black foreigner.

But watch her dumb fans still buy Fenty even though the black man she chose don't support black lives matter and expressed how he doesn't care if black people get shot by police. Rihanna stays supporting colorstruck and racist people. Her charities and dark shade foundation color are nothing but a cover-up for her darkness. This bitch is a sociopath.

She supported racist whites and colorstruck blacks.

People need to stop worshipping these celebs. Rihanna is truly no different than Kanye or Azealia Banks. She just hides hers better.


Ramon said...

12:13 I cosign your rant and add that Rihanna also supported that trash Broadway play Slave Play.

R in NYC said...

12:13 You told no lies.

Asap is a handsome brotha but all I see is da Devil. We haven't heard a damn thing from him since he was sprung from that jail cell about race and inequality.

Asap Rocky, Rihanna, and Uzi are all Satanic Trash said...

@12:21 Yes! I heard that fuckery's finest! And the black actress who starred in that fuckery ended up getting a major role afterwards! She sold her whole ass soul.


ASAP Sambo is of no use. When he said he didn't care any BLM he should have kept his DL, ADOS-hating ass in that Sweden jail to get his ashy booty blown out by an herpes-infected Nordic dick!

Anonymous said...


That billionaire was NOT handsome! He looked like the V for Vendetta mask!

Anonymous said...

@1:00pm Wow---you are spot on! Lolololol These comments are too funny!

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