Thursday, July 30, 2020

Loon Released From Prison

Back in 2011 Bad Boy rapper Chauncy 'Loon' Hawkins was extradited from Belgium back to the United States on heroine charges [click here if you missed that].

Loon has been released....
Back in 2013 Loon pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute 1 kilo or more of heroin and sentenced to 14 years in prison.

This week Loon, who now goes by the name Amir Junaid Muhadith, was released on time served after he was deemed not to be a danger to society and for his own safety because of the COVID19 coronavirus.


Anonymous said...

I thought he was in Tanzania

Lynny said...

Met him many years ago. Very nice guy then got caught up in PDemons web. Also read a very interesting piece on him. Actually came from a privileged background. Hope he does better with this blessing now....

ms mac said...

Is it me or does it seem like (with the exception of Mary J. and 112) all of the Bad Boy artists or anyone even remotely associated with Diddy on the business front has either died young, gone bankrupt, ended up on drugs, suffered a mental breakdown followed by a spiritual reawakening, wound up in jail or completely fell TF off never to see be seen or heard from ever again?

Craig Mack
Danity Kane
Mark Curry
Mario Winans
Cherie Dennis
G Dep
Black Rob
Da Band
Dirty Money
Carl Thomas

ms mac said...

*Wrote Faith twice but meant Cassie.
And forgot to add Kim Porter to that list.

Anonymous said...

It's cause diddy was only about Diddy. I forgot about how he is showcased in front of all his "artist" dancing in all their videos...every shot too! He was never interested in actually creating long term artist, the Puffy of back in the day was only about promoting himself and "another one"!

R in NYC said...

Something bad happened to a member if 112. Mary J has definitely had her problems.
That Diddy Demon curse is real.

Anonymous said...

That sure was or is (not sure what he looks like now) a good looking man. I will unlock my ankles for him.

Plan and simple. Diddy is a thief.

Anonymous said...

This dude was the sexiest rapper alive next to LL Cool J. His beauty really made him the exception because 90% of rappers are extraordinarily ugly.

I saw early pictures of him and I could only imagine what size his dick was and how well he could work it. Sexy, gorgeous Mandingo man! I'm not into rappers (I prefer classier men) but he was an exception. I bet he got a dick that is big, long, throbbing, and popping! Damn!!! LOL!

Anonymous said...


Really sad... seeing how Mary J Blige was the least talented out of all of them. But since the downtrodden, materialistic, man-problems, and drama market is larger for black women, Mary thrived.

Anonymous said...

Well alll right @12:22 you got my mouth watering. LOL

BahamaJackson said...

WTF is wrong with y'all LOL...

Anonymous said...

10:43 and Mac. I see you taking yo medicine baby cause you on point! You forgot New Edition. Remember how he dogged them out and didn’t promote them and took all their money. Johnny Gill was against it but Michael Bivens and the rest was for it. The most money they saw was room and board to hotels. No money was exchanged! They walked away broke and still owing piss titty money for wardrobe and video. They only got a 100 thousand sign on bonus. Split that with 6 cats and what do you get?!

Anonymous said...

Dam @12:47 you just threw salt on that open wound. I never heard about that one. Diddy will pay for being a thief one day.

☛☢Twitter☺Fingers☢☚ said...

Anyone who deals with Diddy will end up in some shit.

Anonymous said...

@12:46 the gheys often come to post on RWS

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