Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Nick Cannon Sits Down with Rabbi After Anti Semitic Backlash

Last week Nick Cannon apologized profusely to the Jewish community for making anti semitic remarks on his 'Cannon's Class' podcast with former Public Enemy member Professor Griff [click here if you missed that].

Nick Cannon continues his mea culpa and sits down with the Rabbi behind the movement to remove Professor Griff from PE back in the 90s [click here if you missed that] after Griff made similar anti-semitic comments...
This week Nick Cannon invited Rabbi Abraham Cooper to Cannon's Class in an effort to put the Jewish backlash behind him.


Anonymous said...

Snitch! Where's the late night Ye tweets????

Anonymous said...

Nick spoke truth. However, he wrote a check his ass couldn't cash. He's super talented and a powerhouse. Yet, he works for someone else. For awhile now, I think Nick has been doing alot. I'm just trying to figure out how he thought he could talk shit about the same folks he work for? Then he back tracked and end up aplogizing.
This fake Rabbi was nothing more than a plant. Nick wanna be woke, but obviously he still tap dancing for the "Massa" too. My brother, you gotta pick a side and stand in your shit. At this moment in time,unless you are prepared to lose it all and sacrifice it's okay to just sit back and be quiet. Does not mean you are weak or what not. To me, Kolin Kaepernick is the real one. He spoke his truth, sacrificed alot of bread and is paying for it til this day. But he never have I salute him. Some of these other celebrities need to stick to their craft cause they are fake as fuck

R in NYC said...

@ 7:35 That should have been the first post He deleted the tweet about divorcing Kim but too late...people saw it.

As for Nick everything that needs to be said has been said.

Alma's Daughter said...

Co-signing with 7:37. Nick needs to decide where he stands and Kaep is the real deal. You’re right, he never gave in and has not changed one bit.

I think Nick ended up in this mess because he slipped up and spoke his mind on a live mic.

NyahbinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

7:37 AM
Facts upon facts!!! You will never see none of these Ashkenazi fools want to have a sit down with those crazy ass Hebrew Isrealites, Rastafarians who identify with Falasha 12 tribes of Isreal. They will only come with this sit down fuckery with those who work in their industry. I won't even click on this shit, things like this sicken me literally these scam artist pulled off the biggest identity theft in the history of human kind, and to see their dusty asses still riding with the lies. I can't subject myself to watch this fallacy in 2020. Like 7:37 AM said it's okay to just sit back and be quite, it's not our time yet, almost but not quite in the meantime silence is golden.

Anonymous said...

He needs his Coins. Keep that conversation at home.

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