Monday, August 10, 2020

Jaguar Wright Claims Common is Being Investigated

Last week 90s Neo Soul artist Jaguar Wright stunned the hip hop community after accusing conscious rapper Common of sexual assault [click here if you missed that].

Now Jaguar claims others have also accused Common of sexual misconduct...
In a new video posted on Instagram Jaguar insists she is NOT the reason Common has come under scrutiny and claims she was told there was already an investigation into Common underway. Comes in around the 16:30 mark.

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I like her numbers better than mine!

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Anonymous said...

Keep it coming, Snitch. Be sure to bring out the other, though because theres a LOT more of these degenerate, wicked black men waiting to be exposed. Let's particularly focus on the the lying scum that preach about "black power, UHURU, ISIS, Rah, blah blah blah friggin BLAH! The dashiki wearing, kufi, black fist waving BUMS who wear those STOOPID ankhs and sell all kinds of pimp logic to the black woman calling her God, The earth, his reflection, "wombman" while leeching from her, cheating on her, not taking care of his "seeds" and in many cases mentally and physically abusing her.
They also cheat on their black women with white and other non black whores while screaming black love. The more money they make---the lighter their women become as they "upgrade"
But they dont care because they know the black woman is a doormat. She will be right there to help with the damage control and to wipe his ass when all his shame comes out. Right,Tiffany Hadish???

Anonymous said...

Keep draggin these niggas for ready made FILTH, Jaguar Wright! We are here for it!

Felicia said...



Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for the Jay Z. I've never forgotten that Jay Z went all over the media talking about what he's going to do to Chris Brown if he ever hits Rihanna again. Yet JaY Z is on tape years before beating a woman down to the floor for taking his picture while weak ass men stood there silently watching him do it. Jay Z has stabbed and shot people but he was allowed to become the saviour of Rihanna.

I also remember him allegedly hitting Foxy Brown and having sex with her when she was a minor amongst many more. Let's not forget how Beyonce, Blue and Jay were conveniently on a yacht in the ocean when they had their former bodyguard murdered.

Anonymous said...

Not caping for Jay but he didn't beat down no woman. He mushed her and that woman was his PR or somebody close to him and they all joked about it afterwards. Just YouTube it if you don't believe. I 'm not for no wicked Neggroes like GayZ but I hate when people add false info to a story just to make the point seem stronger. If you gonna tell a story tell it right.

Anonymous said...

2:49 He mushed the shit out that lady. So that's better??? Foh.....smh

NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

Yes lawd now this is some good ass gossip, scalding hot ass tea!!! I knew I never liked that nigga common, there was just always something off about his ass, just as fake as all them head wrapped hoes in the conscious and spiritual community. Drag those hoes for filth!!! Age of Aquarius is the era of exposing all hoes who have engaged in all manners of debauchery and fuckery. I am here for all of it!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe everything that Jaguar has said.

However, John Legend and Common are big time now. They are protected by that LGBTMZ community and the other powers that be. He'll skid over squeaky clean. Now his ass is publicly acknowledging Tiffany at the most convenient time. If i were her, i would tread lightly.

Anonymous said...

^^ Stupid bitch who said it was better? I said tell the right story the right way and don't make shit up.

Yet JaY Z is on tape years before beating a woman down to the floor for taking his picture while weak ass men stood there silently watching him do it.

^ IT DIDN'T HAPPEN THAT WAY AND a mush ain't a beatdown so what the fuck's wrongs with you? You don't know the difference???? FOH your dam self, stupid non comprehending ass hoe. Get out your fucking feelings and learn to admit when you wrong.

Anonymous said...

5:09 "Not caping for Jay but he didn't beat down no woman. He mushed her and that woman was his PR or somebody close to him and they all joked about it afterwards."

You stupid ass cunt, those are your words and it is very dismissive. You the only bitch on this thread and dumb at that--if you can't convey your feelings you shouldn't post. A kindergarten get their point across better than you. You fucking imbecile, reading is clearly fundamental and writing too. Stay off the thread if you can't grasp what you're reading. Big dummie....

Clearly, it went over your head and I'm done with your stupid ass.

Anonymous said...

I noticed a lot of the comments are about how horrible and wicked black men are, so why is everyone so upset when the women decides she no longer wants to date men and switches sides?
To be clear I was referencing Meg the stallion who said she is done with men because of her story which by the way you don't just switch on and off like that. Why is there always some stigma in the community about it?? If the men are so horrible then why is gay so bad? If a women dates outside her race, Why is it so bad? Just curious, because there always seems to be an issue. Ive read some of the past post for women like Queen Latifah, Monifah and others and our community goes hard. Why support the man's music if he abuses women? BUT we will dog someone doing so much good for the world but as soon as we hear they may be gay everything changes. We hear so many things, not taking care of their kids, beating women, cheating, kills body guards but we still listen, watch and support. Look at R. Kelly, ppl still down for him. WE MADE HIM A MILLIONAIRE ...I bet half of y'all follow Common, John Legend, Tiffany, Jay Z and so many others. If we not making change then whats the point? Also half the stories besides Meg and R. Kelly were from the 90s they were boys and are now men( not an excuse) but I am sure everyone has grown since then. I am not who I was 5 years ago so why are they? I'm just saying. Common pls apologize for being a young horny kid so whatever need to happen does and we can move on... Forgiveness and therapy are powerful

NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

5:43 PM
R pedo kelly really?

R. Kelly were from the 90s they were boys and are now men( not an excuse) but Are you fucking serious? if you don't get the entire fuck outta here with that bullshit. You know what let me get my black ass off this thread, before I throw some shit.

Anonymous said...

They keep talking about the less than 2 min about what she said about Common (and SHE did not call it sexual assault), but no one is talking about her Jill, Eryka and Mary J comments.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of ppl coming out the closet with old sexual
molestations story's. The epidemic is causing folks to suffer from their past.

Monna Kgosi said...

Bitter ex on a mission.

Anonymous said...

*****From YOutube******

Just so I'm all caught up, she's saying:

1. Common tried to put something in her mouth while she was asleep.
2. Talib Kweli used to hide in the dressing room and spy on her while she was getting dressed.
3. The Roots aided and abetted R Kelly's pedophilia by telling him which high schools in Philly had teenaged girls in them.
4. MTV doctored footage of their episode of Unplugged so that the applause that Jaguar Wright received would play during Mary J Blige's performance, because nobody clapped for MJB.
5. Mary J Blige was so shook by the greatness of Jaguar Wright that MJB threatened to break her contract with her record label if they promoted JW.
6. Black Thought, who is universally acknowledged as one of the greatest emcees of all time, stole lyrics---sat in the studio with a note pad and wrote down what was said--by Malik B who, in a drug-induced stupor, was coming off the dome with rhymes that he, upon hearing on the radio later on, was never able to recognize as his own because... of the drug-induced stupor.
7. Erykah Badu's song, "Booty," which was written from the perspective of one woman telling another that because her man was disrespecting said woman, that she didn't want him... was actually written for Jaguar Wright. Because she actually did want her man? And got him?
8. And after keeping all this quiet for years--sexual assault, sexual assault, aiding and abetting pedophilia, career sabotage, fraud, jealousy, and disrespect--she's all over the internet all of a sudden spreading such joy and good times... a month before her album drops?

Did I miss anything?

Felicia said...

@9:36 no you did not!!!!

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