Friday, August 21, 2020

Music Producer for Nelly Charged in Tim Norman Murder Case

This week 'Welcome to Sweetie Pies' fans were shocked and appalled after Ms. Robbie Montgomery's son, Tim Norman, was indicted on murder charges in the death of Ms. Robbie's grandson Andre Montgomery [click here if you missed that].

Now a popular St. Louis music producer, turned insurance agent, has been charged in connection with the case...
From St. Louis Today
A producer of Nelly’s hit 2002 album “Nellyville,” Waiel “Wally” Yaghnam, is the third person charged in the case, after Montgomery’s son and a Memphis, Tennessee, woman were charged Wednesday with facilitating the scheme.
Yaghnam, 42, faces one charge of conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud, as federal prosecutors say he worked with Timothy Norman, Montgomery’s son, to fraudulently obtain a life insurance policy on his nephew, Andre Montgomery Jr. Yaghnam worked as Norman’s insurance agent, prosecutors say.
Prosecutors say Yaghnam and Norman made false statements on life insurance applications for Montgomery Jr., lying about the teen’s income, net worth, medical history, employment and family background.


Anonymous said...

When your talent runs out, turn to MURDER FOR HIRE.

Anonymous said...

They're all starting to fall like dominoes. Tim is slick, but he's dumb.

Rainy Dayz said...

Real talk I'm elated they ACTUALLY investigated that young brothas death. Its unfortunate this is how its unfolded. From watching the show Tim comes off as that type who would trick his family off and say "it would have happened anyway, why not get paid" All around sad situation. I can only imagine the pain Miss Robbie is feeling.

Respeck My Gossip said...
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NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

Throw the book at every last one of them involved in this young man's tragic murder. At least the family got justice. May the young man's spirit RIP.

Unknown said...

SMH It really be your own fucking people. That’s why I don’t trust nobody.

Felicia said...

Niyabinghi, what justice?? Not knocking you.

My heart goes out to Andre’s mother. She sent her child unknowingly into a snake pit.. My narcissistic ex told me something that still haunts me today.. He tried to tell me, no one thinks exactly as you..

This is so tragic all the way around..
Your own uncle, plans and murders you..🤬🤬🤬

Ella M Nopea said...

Andre was probably in line to share Ms Robbie's inheritance since his father was already deceased. I remember on the show Tim was trying to rap.

Guess he wanted to be a HIP hop artist.

R in NYC said...

Sick. Sick. Sick. Sick. Tim will get his comeuppance in prison. Greedy, murderous douchebag smiling in that mugshot like this is all a joke. He won't be laughing when those other inmates get in his azz. Literally.

Anonymous said...

The entertainment industry is a cesspool. I can't understand why anyone want to be famous or rich in it.

ms mac said...

The love of money will make people do some rotten things. I hope every fool involved takes every bit of what Big Bertha and Bubba has to offer in the Pen. They deserve all that's coming to them. And the O'Jays said it best.

Money money money money, money

Some people got to have it
Some people really need it
Listen to me why'all, do things, do things, do bad things with it
You want to do things, do things, do things, good things with it
Talk about cash money, money
Talk about cash money- dollar bills, why'all

For the love of money
People will steal from their mother
For the love of money
People will rob their own brother

For the love of money
People can't even walk the street
Because they never know who in the world they're gonna beat
For that lean, mean, mean green
Almighty dollar, money

For the love of money
People will lie, Lord, they will cheat
For the love of money
People don't care who they hurt or beat

For the love of money
A woman will sell her precious body
For a small piece of paper it carries a lot of weight
Call it lean, mean, mean green
Almighty dollar

I know money is the root of all evil
Do funny things to some people
Give me a nickel, brother can you spare a dime
Money can drive some people out of their minds

Got to have it, I really need it
How many things have I heard you say
Some people really need it
How many things have I heard you say
Got to have it, I really need it

How many things have I heard you say
Lay down, lay down, a woman will lay down
For the love of money
All for the love of money

Don't let, don't let, don't let money rule you
For the love of money
Money can change people sometimes
Don't let, don't let, don't let money fool you
Money can fool people sometimes

People! Don't let money, don't let money change you,
It will keep on changing, changing up your mind.

Judiva55 said...

Amen @ms mac!

Anonymous said...

Planning to kill someone for personal gain likely makes this a first degree murder case where, in most jurisdictions, the punishment is 60 years to life or capital punishment, where it's still the law. My heart goes out to the family who must be enduring great sorrow maximized by the fact that the alleged perpetrator was "family" himself.

Anonymous said...

I heard, not sure if its true, but Ms Robbie was next. He was making an insurance claim on her too, along with her demise.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with the entertainment business. Tim was already robbing and stealing at an early age - 17 years of age. Unfortunately, when you go to prison you learn more how to conspire and all sorts of criminal activity. There is nothing wrong with being rich - but d%man at least work for it and not kill someone for it..just said that he is smiling like, oh well - what else is new!

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