Wednesday, August 12, 2020

R. Kelly Accused of Tampering with Witnesses

Three men linked to R. Kelly accused of tampering with witnesses in his upcoming sexual misconduct trial...

From NBC Chicago
Three men connected to R. Kelly have been accused of threatening, intimidating and trying to bribe women who accused the disgraced R&B performer of sexual abuse, including one who federal prosecutors say firebombed a victim's father's car.
All three men charged Wednesday have ties to Kelly. Arline described himself as a longtime friend and Russell was a manager, friend and adviser. Williams was the relative of the singer's onetime publicist.
Prosecutors say Arline offered one accuser $500,000 to "be quiet" earlier this year. She told authorities about the bribery attempt, who then recorded several calls between the pair. In one, Arline allegedly told the victim that he had tried to talk to Kelly about the plan.
Russell meanwhile, was accused of repeatedly harassing another victim and her mother after they filed a civil suit against Kelly. Prosecutors say between November of 2018 and February, he threatened to release sexually explicit photos of her if she didn't drop the suit, and later published them on a Facebook page after the Lifetime documentary "Surviving R. Kelly" aired. He also showed the same images again during a YouTube live vlog in January.
Prosecutors say that on June 11, Williams set fire to an SUV belonging to the father of another accuser. Authorities said beforehand, he searched the internet for information on detonating fertilizer and diesel fuel, witness intimidation and tampering and countries that don't extradite suspects to the United States.


ms mac said...

Well this is how he was able to get off the last time so who's surprised?

Anonymous said...

He dont like that jail life.

Unknown said...

This is why a bunch of them Muthafuckas on his team need to be arrested. Money laundering, kidnapping, sex trafficking girls over the state lines, child pornography etc etc this nigga need to get life in prison and so does the other fucks that covered for him. Stop playing with Mughal and end his whole damn career. I bet millions of them girls were white his black ass would’ve been strung up in jail mysteriously

Anonymous said...

I KNEW you wouldn't disappoint, Snitch! But please post pics of these degenerate black men working with R Kelly, harassing the victims and their mothers. Expose them and the others because we know that there are many many more depraved, degenerate black men bringing harm to our women and girls. See you tomorrow with more news!

R in NYC said...

Throw all his sick, foul cohorts and enablers under the jail!

Anonymous said...

Go Thret in thim fore me

Thaink yew

~Are Kell-E

Pebbles said...

Smh! Didn’t Azriel post a pic with her burnt car not too long ago.

Unknown said...

@12:28 : She Sure Did & These Low Lifed Hoes Called Her Everything BUT A CHILD Of GOD .

Said She Was Making It Up For Attention-As IF

3 Things Will Always Come Out -

1) The Sun 2) The Moon4z

Anonymous said...

*2) The Moon 3) The Truth

Stay Woke

Anonymous said...

Unknown you really hate black women dontcha

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