Thursday, September 17, 2020

David Banner Accused of Vehicular Homicide Cover-Up

Rapper and political activist David Banner called out by the family of a man who died in a fatal car accident with the rapper...
It all started after David shared a picture from the crash telling his followers that he was suffering from a concussion, before deleting the post.

That's when the victim's family lashed out accusing him of working with the police to cover up his negligence.

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My brother did 10 years in prison and came to better his life and take care of his sons 3 months after he came home he was a fatal car accident @davidbanner was the driver of tge other he’s complaining that he still has a concussion but what about my brother who lost his life what about his sons who had to grow up without a father what about the pain we have to deal with on a daily base waking up and realizing he’s really gone it wasn’t just a bad dream and not to mention @davidbanner you knew my brother was dead on the scene and you didn’t try to reach out to us and apologize or anything it’s been almost 9 months and still on apology or nun how could you sleep knowing you killed someone and didn’t do anything about but get it covered up #LLJ๐Ÿ•Š❤️ #Justiceforjeremy @theshaderoom #exlorepage
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Oddly enough just days after the fatal accident David was promoting his podcast on social media as if nothing ever happened.