Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Jaguar Wright Outs Diddy

For the past few months 90s Neo-Soul artist Jaguar Wright has gone on a scorched earth mission to destroy her music industry peers by revealing long held secrets [click here if you missed that].

Now Jaguar turns her focus on Sean Diddy Combs...
In a video posted on Instagram Jaguar claims a woman who was once poised to become the head of the legal department for Bad Boy Entertainment was forced out of her position and ran out of town after walking in on the Bad Boy CEO being serviced by a certain pretty boy R&B singer. Jaguar claims Puff told the woman if he could make a man submit to him he could do anything and after she expressed her discomfort he had her blacklisted. Then Jaguar demanded he apologize for ruining so many careers and depriving the world of good music while he pushed trash on the masses. She also claimed he learned his tactics from his music industry mentors.

FYI: Jaguar names names in her video.