Thursday, September 10, 2020

Joe Budden Addresses Domestic Violence and Dog Love Claims

This week Joe Budden fans were shocked after audio and legal docs circulated online accusing Joe of  domestic violence and having serious boundary issues when it came to both his son with reality star Cyn Santana and his dog [click here if you missed that].

Joe addresses the accusations point by point...

In a video posted on Instagram Live Joe starts by defending Cyn Santana after she posted a message online claiming she had been betrayed by a friend and asking for privacy.

Joe denied the accusations of manually satisfying his dog by explaining the cut throat nature of child support battles and claims the leaked papers were NOT actual legal docs and were never supposed to see that light of day after he and Cyn decided against using the courts to settle their child support issues.

Joe then claims the only other person who had access to the audio and the docs was his former close friend, Raqi Thunda, who he accuses of manipulating Cyn and taking advantage of her at a vulnerable time.

Joe also mentions the suspicious timing of the current smear campaign against him after he exposed Spotify and iHeartRadio for exploiting Black content creators.