Thursday, September 10, 2020

Joe Budden Addresses Domestic Violence and Dog Love Claims

This week Joe Budden fans were shocked after audio and legal docs circulated online accusing Joe of  domestic violence and having serious boundary issues when it came to both his son with reality star Cyn Santana and his dog [click here if you missed that].

Joe addresses the accusations point by point...

In a video posted on Instagram Live Joe starts by defending Cyn Santana after she posted a message online claiming she had been betrayed by a friend and asking for privacy.

Joe denied the accusations of manually satisfying his dog by explaining the cut throat nature of child support battles and claims the leaked papers were NOT actual legal docs and were never supposed to see that light of day after he and Cyn decided against using the courts to settle their child support issues.

Joe then claims the only other person who had access to the audio and the docs was his former close friend, Raqi Thunda, who he accuses of manipulating Cyn and taking advantage of her at a vulnerable time.

Joe also mentions the suspicious timing of the current smear campaign against him after he exposed Spotify and iHeartRadio for exploiting Black content creators.


Anonymous said...

Come on RWS. Enough of these nobody cares, washed up ppl.

NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

These type niggas constantly blame others for their dysfunction, so now spotify and ihart radio is trying to smear him? one look at this rough faced looking nigga should tell you all you need to know, his pupils are black, he looks like an alcoholic, you can see the mean evil streak in him. This nigga looks abusive I need women to do better, even if you fuck up and pick up one of these losers, as soon as you see them once the beer goggles are off, drop his ass and run to the nearest exit.

I don't understand these women wasting years with these fools, ain't no shame in getting with a loser it happens, but once you see that shit that is your cue, to exit stage left like mutfukken snaggle puss.

Anonymous said...

These fools needed content for LHHNY. I believe either him or Cyn leaked that video for a storyline. Or they both conspired together to leak it. The timing is just too convenient.

Anonymous said...

Damn. Day two of this fuckery.

Anonymous said...

Been a rough month for Joe.

Joe never claimed he was an angel but these same bitches that was cleaning his vomit and checking his pulse was quiet and kept. It is hard to listen to Cynthia she sound like a broke Cardi talking about "we public figures" you are not, Individually no one is checking for them hoes less they attach themselves to Joe. As for Raqui she was begging to be Joe's bitch to the point Tahiry threw a drink or snuffed her. So why was Cynthia confiding in her? Typical slithering around waiting. That's why I hope shit work out for him. On the flippo I do believe he jerked his dog and drives drunk.

Anonymous said...

Poor Mal Parks and Rory they dont have much to look forward to unless Buds somehow cleans this shit up.

Anonymous said...

list of women who have been abused by joe budden.

• esther baxter.
• gloria velez.
• audely robles.
• kaylin garcia.
• tahiry jose.
• cyn santana.

all these women are NOT bout to lie on joe budden..

Anonymous said... media court, is getting in every body's ass this year. Corvid-Court.

Anonymous said...

1249 you forgot dem dogs that is part of the #metoomovement #woofwoof
2020 is out here giving it up and not playing with niggz. Fuck what you thought this shit was about to be.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I get a headache by just looking at these nobodies, there is not an aspirin bottle big enough.

Anonymous said...

2:42 LMAO!!! Not "woofwoof"

Yes, I'm That Leah said...

he's mean. period.

Yes, I'm That Leah said...

do you jack your dog off? do you beat women? get to the point or log off!

i came to the conclusion that you do.

that's why you spent 15 minutes on greetings and salutations and i cut the video off. nobody is gonna say something like that about you unless it's true. very few people sexually abuse animals, plus, you were caught on tape touching your friends dog private parts. he told you to stop "molesting" his dog!

black hearted psychopath.

Kateue said...


Anonymous said...

Please Snitch no post on this fool tommorrow.

Anonymous said...

@2:42 You are WRONG for that! LMAO!

Ladies for 2021 PLEEEEEEEEEEASE leave industry men, politicians, and athletes ALONE! 98% of them are psychopaths, abusers, rapists, pedophiles, animal abusers, cheaters, perverts, and pimps! AVOID THEM! FUCK THEIR MONEY! GLOW UP & MAKE YOUR OWN MONEY, LADIES!

Anonymous said...

@10:22 PM
Little girl stfu

Anonymous said...

What does this mean??? "GLOW UP" Is this some new term that teens use now??? Let us know.

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