Sunday, September 13, 2020

Kelis Welcomes Baby Girl

Just last month pop star Kelis confirmed rumors that she was expecting her third child [click here if you missed that].

The baby is here...!
Over the weekend Kelis announced the birth of her baby girl and invited fans to take a journey with her to lose 60 pounds naturally, with only food, no exercise.

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I’m going to bring you guys with me as much as I can on my plan to get back to myself! I want to Talk about all the things women go through often silently and how intense the process can be to regain the parts of your old self we value the most while embracing all that is new and beautiful. I am releasing 3 GOLD MINE boxes on SALE TODAY ! I want to show you how with only food and no work out for the next 6 weeks how important self care is and how our bodies will positively respond . Anti inflammatory, anti bruising ,joint and gut health , and of course SKIN AND HAIR !!!!!!! Let’s get it together cause 2020 has been crazy but it doesn’t mean we can’t build and keep getting better ! Stay tuned I will post the sale boxes shortly so turn your notifications on fam !!!!! #health #proud #mama #sexyback #foodie #eatwell #farmlife #newbaby #eatwell #selfcare
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Anonymous said...

Good for her. Go back to being private.

ms mac said...

@10:11AM, Kelis doesn't really want privacy because she's on that low-key hustle. She just wants to control her own narrative. That's why she slipped in her little pitch by saying "I'm gonna run a little sale ... so you guys can join me.' She's basically turned having a baby into a marketing strategy. She's actually quite slick.

Anonymous said...

Congrats but unless she has fast metabolism and will burn the excess weight getting up and down all hours of the day, that challenge may be easier said than done. I used to be able to lose by drinking a lot of water and counting calories but the minute I turned 35-40 that changed. Minimal exercise (20 min a day) makes the difference. I still like her energy though.

Alma's Daughter said...

^^^Exactly and the older you get the harder it is to lose. Kudos to her for attempting to lose weight the old fashioned way without drugs or surgery.

And it’s good to see a Black artist who isn’t tryna look like a White woman who’s tryna look Black with big blubbery lips and some alien-looking baby hair.

Felicia said...


We have yet to have sighting of Knight, ever!!

So why is she teasing us with this baby?


Anonymous said...

I like Kelis! Congrats to her! She finally got her little girl!

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